Take you to the nail desktop version (dingtalk), It supports Linux,Windows and macOS platform . We measured Linux Using nail chat in the system . Use wechat in life , Nail during work . Because some functions of wechat are not easy to use at work , Such as the need to transfer files , So it is more suitable to use nails in work . One thing to say is that nailing does not provide native Linux edition , But there are WEB edition , So someone developed dingtalk, Other use Electron Nails for technical packaging WEB edition , Its interface follows the nail PC There is little difference in the edition , Basic functions can also be used , And updated frequently , Currently updated to 2.0.7 edition .dingtalk provide Deb,RPM,Appimage,Windows and Mac Format installation package , Meet different operating system installation requirements .

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Linux Nail usage of version

notes : Download the corresponding Linux Software package for installation .

Start nailing first , You can use your mobile phone to scan the code to log in .

You can also use your mobile number + Password login , This is much more convenient than wechat .

Found after login ,Linux Version of the nailing interface and the official nailing Windows The version is quite close , Can't tell the difference . On the left are various functional zones , In the middle is the session list , On the right is the session content window .

Chinese input , file , picture , expression ,DING And other common functions , No problem at all .

The nail plate works well , Transfer files between colleagues , Saving files in the personal cloud is very practical .

hair DING No problem with the notification , You can choose to use the phone , short message , Pin app send .


This version of nail is quite easy to use , But because it is a web version , So the phone , Stapling function is unavailable . It's better than using Wine Smaller running nails , Less resource consumption , Easy operation and fast response , what's more , It has almost no reduction in functionality , Worthy of praise .

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