1, Common programming languages

1.C language

C Language was born in 1972 year , Call it the ancestor of modern high-level language , Invented by the famous Bell Laboratories .C Language is people's pursuit of structure , modularization , Efficient “ Flower of language ”. In the underlying programming direction , For example, embedded , Virus development and other applications , Can replace assembly language to develop system program ; In high-level application development direction , You can also develop from the operating system (UNIX/Linux/Windows All based on C Language development ) To various application software .

Old bird advice

If the University offers this course, please study it carefully , Don't feel stereotyped , Because it's a classic .C The popularity of language in modern society still ranks among the top three .

2.C++ language

As C Language extensions ,C++ It's Bell Laboratories 20 century 80 Introduced in's .C++ Is a mixed language , Can realize object-oriented programming , Can also be developed C Language process oriented program .

C Language allows programmers to write complex programs that are easy to understand through the concept of structure for the first time . although C Language is a great computer language , But the amount of code in the program exceeds 3 Ten thousand line hour , Programmers can not grasp and control the program as a whole . therefore , stay 20 century 80 Early S , Many software projects are faced with problems that cannot be solved and cannot be smoothly promoted .1979 year , Bell Laboratories invented C++.C++ The original name was “ With class C”, Later it was renamed C++. The common name in China is “C Gaga ”, The international common reading is “C
plus plus”.

C++ Language in scientific computing , operating system , Network Communications , system development , Still heavily used in engine development .

3.Java language

Java Language from the United States SUN Invented in 1995 year , It is currently the most widely used in the industry , Most spoken languages , Number of users ranked first in the world for consecutive years , It can be called “ English in computer language ”.


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