The understanding of AI varies from person to person . Some people think that artificial intelligence is a synonym for any form of intelligence realized through abiotic systems ; They insist that , It doesn't matter whether the realization of intelligent behavior is the same as that of human intelligence . Others think that , AI systems must be able to mimic human intelligence . No one will argue about whether to research artificial intelligence or implement artificial intelligence system , We should first understand how humans acquire intelligent behavior ( That is, we must start from intelligence , science , Understanding is regarded as an intelligent activity in the sense of psychology and technology ), It's good for us .

The beginning of the new year , Xiao Bian has prepared one for you 2021 A must-have list for the year , Including machine learning , natural language processing , Computer graphics, etc .

artificial intelligence


* artificial intelligence ( The third 2 edition )
* Artificial intelligence algorithm volume 2 Algorithm inspired by nature
* Artificial intelligence algorithm volume 1 Basic algorithm


machine learning


* Mathematics of machine learning
* Zero basic machine learning
* On machine learning Full color printing
* Deep learning
* Hands on learning and deep learning
* Python Transfer learning


neural network


* Python Neural network programming
* PyTorch Generative countermeasure network programming


computer vision


* Computer vision measurement From feature description to deep learning
* Python Image processing practice


natural language processing


* Practice of natural language processing utilize Python understand , Analyze and generate text
* Python natural language processing


AI book will be on sale in the new year

following 4 This will be on 2 month 10 Day before to 2 It's on sale in the middle and late ten days .

* Deep learning Hardcover edition
* Algorithm design
* Python Practice of machine learning
* Deep learning and go