fight the enemy separately

Bottom score 100 branch   Cannot close port 21 22 80 Cannot modify flag

ubuntu(root/toor):startx( Interface )


Get someone else's flag Submit and get points (/root/flagvalue.txt)

use putty connect bt5

defense 30 minute

* Use the attack machine to scan your target , Check which ports are opened on the target !

Found the target open 21,22,23,80,111,785,3306,10000 Rear large port

in the light of 21(ftp) Port attack

Unable to jump out of anonymous user's folder

Try to use ordinary users to log in linux,linux View native users

There are ordinary users admin,guest/123456

use admin To land on someone else's target

ssh attack

Get someone else's conversation

Got it flag

telnet attack

reinforce 21,22,23

Change passwords for all users

80 Port attack method


10000 How to attack large ports in the future


* clear iptables Default rule
* The newly added default rule does not allow anyone to enter
* The newly added default rule does not allow any forwarding
* New default rule allows all to go out
* allow 22 Port in
* allow 21 Port in
* allow 23 Port in
* allow 80 Port in
* Save firewall rules
* Restart firewall