When I first started choosing a direction when I graduated , I don't know what the front and rear ends are .

What is the front end ? What is the back end ? With these two questions , I searched a lot of information .

But after reading all kinds of , Or popular or difficult introduction , I still can't tell what the front and back ends are .

Until you start writing the page yourself , Access to some frames , When you can build a website according to your own ideas , I have a clear understanding of the front end .

A website has a lot of content to install , It's impossible to write all the content on the page , Then you need to use the database .

But databases alone are not enough , We also have to realize the interaction between the front end and the database ( Add, delete, check and modify ), This is the back end .

At first I thought the front end meant web front end , Is the web page displayed by the browser , But this understanding is too narrow , In fact, the front end does not just refer to web pages .

The so-called front end , In short, it is a user oriented product , That is, users can see it , Interactive .

According to this definition , The front end is much easier to understand , Usual applet , WeChat ,QQ, What users see is the front end .

The front end also has an alias , Call client .

The client name may be easier to understand than the front end , Most used in online games , That's the one with the suffix .exe Downloaded files .

Usual games , such as GTA5, wizard 3 Such masterpiece , The picture that players can see is also the front end .

therefore , Not so much can the front end do , It's better to say that all products need the front end , Because the product is always user-oriented .

With more and more learning contacts , I have a deeper and deeper understanding of the front and back , What comes out of others' mouth is others' after all , You have to do it yourself .

Just like when I first learned game development , I don't understand why there should be at least one camera in the game world .

By definition , The camera is a device for players to observe the world (A Camera is a device through which the player views the
world.), But I can see everything ( Developer Perspective ).

This problem once bothered me very much , It didn't come to me until later .

It's easy to get on paper , You must know it and do it .

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