In the past year ,Mybridge AI Relatively close 15000 Open source Python project , Front selected 30 name ( Probability only 0.2%).

This is a very competitive list , Carefully selected 2017 year 1 Month to 12 Best open source released between January Python library , Tools and Applications .Mybridge AI
By considering popularity , The quality of these projects is evaluated by indicators such as participation and recent degree . These projects are Github The average number of stars is 3,707 individual .

Open source projects can be of great benefit to programmers . By reading the source code and building something on an existing project . It's time to take time to play with what might have been missed in the past year Python Project !

Python List of open source projects

the first

Family Assistant (v0.6+): Open source home automation platform

stay Python 3 Run on [Github upper 11357 Star ]. from Paulus Schoutsen provide

proxime accessit

Pytorch: strong GPU accelerate Python Medium Tensor Dynamic neural network [Github upper 11019 Star ]. from Adam Paszke
and pytorch Provided by other team members


Grumpy: One Python Decompile and run source code [Github upper 8367 Star ]. from Dylan Trotter and Google Provided by other members of

Fourth place

Sanic: asynchronous Python3.5+Web Server acceleration [Github upper 8028 Star ]. from Channel Cat and Eli Uriegas provide

Fifth place

Python—fire: From any Python Automatically generate command line interface in object (CLIs) Library of [Github upper 7775 Star ]. from David
Bieber And from Google Brain(Google
Brain yes Google Internal framework for training large-scale deep neural networks , It provides users with convenient API) Provided by other members of

Sixth place

spaCy(v2.0): use Python and Cython Natural language processing for industrial intensity (NLP)[Github upper 7663 Star ]. from Matthew Honnibal provide

Seventh place

Pipenv: Human Python Development workflow [Github upper 7273 Star ]. from Kenneth Reitz provide

Eighth place

MicroPython: Simple and efficient Python Realize micro control and restraint system [Github upper 5728 Star ]

Ninth place

Prophet: High quality prediction tool for generating multi seasonal time series data with linear or nonlinear growth [Github upper 4369 Star ]. from Facebook provide

Tenth place

SerpentAI: use Python Game agent framework . Help create Ais/Bots, You can play any game [Github upper 3411 Star ]. from Nicholas
Brochu provide

11th place

Dash: Use pure Python Written interactive , Real time response Web application program [Github upper 3281 Star ]. from Chris P provide

12th place

InstaPy:Instagram Bot. Like/Comment/Follow Automated script .[Github upper 3179 Star ]. from TImG provide

13th place

Apistar: A fast and expressive API frame . be used for Python[Github upper 3024 Star ]. from Tom Christie provide

14th place

Faiss: Effective similarity search and Library of dense vector clusters [Github upper 2717 Star ]. from Matthijs Douze And from Facebook Provided by other members of the Institute

15th place

MechanicalSoup: A method of interacting with website automation Python library [Github upper 2244 Star ].

16th place

Better-exceptions: use Python Written automatically, beautiful and useful exception handling [Github upper 2121 Star ]. from Qix provide

17th place

Flashtext: Extract keywords from sentences or replace keywords in sentences [Github upper 2019 Star ]. from Vikash Singh provide

18th place

Maya: use Python Date and time of human realization [Github upper 1828 Star ]. from Kenneth Reitz provide

19th place

Mimesis (v1.0):Python library , It helps to generate simulation data in different languages for different purposes . These data are particularly useful at different stages of software development and testing
[Github upper 1732 Star ]. from Líkið Geimfari provide

20th place

Open paperless : scanning , Index and archive all paper documents . A document management system [Github upper 1717 Star ]. from Tina Zhou provide

21st place

Fsociety: Hacker Kit . Penetration test framework [Github upper 1585 Star ]. from Manis Manisso provide

22nd place

LivePython: Real time visual tracking Python code [Github upper 1577 Star ]. from Anastasis Germanidis provide

23rd place

Hatch: be used for Python Modern project , Package and Virtual Environment Manager [Github upper 1537 Star ]. from Ofek Lev provide

24th place

Tangent: Use pure Python Implement source to source debuggable derivatives [Github upper 1433 Star ]. from Alex Wiltschko And from Google Brain Provided by other members

25th place

Clairvoyant: Identify and monitor historical clues to short-term stock movements Python program [Github upper 1159 Star ]. from Anthony Federico provide


MonkeyType:Python A system that generates static type annotations by collecting runtime types [Github upper 1143 Star ]. from Instagram Engineering team Carl Meyer provide

27th place

Eel: A small one Python library , It is used to make simple electronic products HTML / js GUI application program [Github upper 1137 Star ].

28th place

Surprise v1.0: Establishment and analysis of recommendation system Python scikit[Github upper 1103 Star ].

29th place

Gain: Get everyone's Web Crawling frame [Github upper 1009 Star ]. Provided by Gao Jiuli

30th place

PDFTabExtract: A group from PDF Tools for extracting tables from files , It is helpful for data mining of scanned documents [Github upper 722 Star ].