For game lovers , A separate graphics card is a must . Today's large 3D The requirements of the game for the graphics card are also gradually improved . The upgrading speed of graphics card manufacturers makes people a little unable to keep up , If it weren't for the lack of money , The graphics cards at home will pile up . Before that, Mingyu was started GTX1050Ti
End 4G Tai Chi LED Light plate , Performance is sloppy , Some games are not expressive enough . Later, I began to write GTX1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED Light plate , How are you doing this time ?

Get Mingyu GTX1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED The light version is a bit like before 1050Ti, The packaging of the box except the one in the lower right corner 1060 Outside , There seems to be no other difference , The front is the physical picture of the product .

The reverse side of the package mainly introduces the relevant characteristics of the product , It feels like the opposite and the previous 1050Ti The same is true .

There is another user manual for product accessories , Drive disc , Certificate and 6pin Adapter line for , The adapter line is generally used for power interface, which is not enough .

Inscriptions GTX1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED Light plate and 1050Ti It seems to use the same master , The appearance of the front is the same . Dual fan design , One black and one white , The fan direction adopts infinite cycle complementarity , This is no more than an introduction .

In the middle of the reverse side of the graphics card is a Tai Chi shape LED lamp ,LED The light is monochromatic blue . Four hollowed out cooling holes around the aperture , Together with the middle, it looks like a gossip map , This design is also in line with its Tai Chi version positioning . The model description of the product is pasted on the upper left corner .

The interface finally found a big difference ,1050Ti Single row interface is adopted , Inscriptions GTX1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED Double row design of light plate . Include 3 individual DP Interface , One HDMI Interface and one DVI Interface ,DP Interface ratio 1050Ti Two more .

Didn't introduce too much about the appearance , This time mainly depends on the test , After all, the appearance of most and 1050Ti It's almost the same . First, use GPU-Z Look at the core parameters of the graphics card , Inscriptions GTX1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED Light plate adopts Pascal framework GP106 core , The production process is 16nm, The video memory type is GDDR5, Video memory size is 6GB, Bus width is 192 position .GPU The core frequency is 1506MHz,Boost Frequency is 1709MHz, You can see that the graphics card is still not supported SLI of .

Test platform MICROSTAR Z370 collocation i5-8600k, Master Lu's running is divided into 163896.

3DMark Is a substitute 3DMark11 New generation software , More people like to call it new 3DMark. In New 3D Mark of FireStrike
Extreme Under test , Inscriptions GTX1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED The total score of the light version is 5864 branch , The score of the graphics card is 6191.

stay FireStrike
Extreme In the test results, you can also view the temperature and temperature of the graphics card during the test FPS detailed information , The maximum temperature is 56 degree ,FPS Minimum only 15FPS, The result is acceptable .

3DMark Time
Spy It's specifically for DX12 Test items of environmental design , The core engine is completely based on DX12, It can fully test the performance of the graphics card DX12 performance . In this test , Inscriptions GTX1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED The final score of the light version is 4296 branch ,GPU The score is 4231 branch .

Furmark It's famous OpenGL Graphics card performance / Stability test tool , This is also the most common video card toaster test software . Set the parameter to 800*600 resolving power , Then after about 15 minutes of toaster test , Inscriptions GTX1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED The maximum temperature of the light plate is 61 degree ,FPS Minimum 56.

Cinebench R15 Is based on Cinem4D Processor test software for engine , It can test the processor subsystem at the same time , Memory subsystem and display subsystem . adopt Cinebench
R15 of OpenGL Performance test results , Inscriptions GTX1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED The frame rate of the light version is 133.52.

Now more often play is 《 League of Heroes 》, The hardware requirements of the game itself are not particularly high , Nuclear display can have better effects . When you bring all kinds of special effects to the extreme , In most group wars, the frame rate can be maintained at 140FPS about .

《 Far Cry 5》 Is a relatively good large 3D game , Mainly because of the twists and turns of his adventure , There are many types of playing methods , The details of the picture and the polishing of the characters are also quite good . Adjust the picture effect to the extreme during the test , Most scenarios run at 60 Frame left and right , Due to the huge map and character system , Test only some scenarios .

《 Little Star : Zero form HD》PC Version is 15 Issued in , It's a little old , It's also stored in the hard disk for some time , The requirements for graphics cards are not too high , Recommended graphics card GTX750 Just the above . this PC The version is locked 30FPS, Even if you turn on various effects ,FPS And always 30.

《 Tomb Raider : shadow 》 It's a product made by Eidos
Montreal Action adventure games produced by the studio , Exploring ancient tombs is undoubtedly one of the great pleasures of the game , This game comes with a performance test , Adjust various effects to the highest level before testing . Through the test, we can see that the average is 40 frame , Minimum 32 frame .

It's a real game after the test , The actual game experience effect is also quite good , The details of the characters are also carefully portrayed , The whole picture is also more realistic , Most frame rates are also 40 Frame left and right .

It's quite popular now 《 Jedi escape 》 You still need to experience it , stay 1080P Resolution , Most frame rates are maintained at 80 Frame left and right , There is no obvious sense of carton in the picture during the battle , The experience of the whole game is OK .

Inscriptions GTX 1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED The test of the light version is almost done , Other games are not introduced too much , The game experience still depends on your personal hobbies . Previously experienced GTX 1050Ti
4G edition , Now it's just time to compare the results . Through the running points of two graphics cards , The results are also obvious .

From the use of inscriptions GTX 1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED The light version has been for some time , As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison . This time and before GTX 1050Ti
4G The performance of the version has been improved a little bit , And the price of this double twelve is also relatively cheap . this time 1060 Design and GTX 1050Ti
4G It doesn't make much difference , There's nothing to say about this appearance , Or do you want to roast about the monochrome on your back LED The light still cannot change color . From the final test results of both , Inscriptions GTX
1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED The lamp is more cost-effective , The premise of this is to have enough concessions , Normal price ratio 1050Ti It's a little expensive . If you want to further improve GTX10 Series of graphics card performance , You can have a look at this Mingyu GTX
1060 terminator 6G Tai Chi LED Light plate .