It started in October 200 Primary school , Then the blue bridge class 60 Opening ceremony , And the members of the class who walk back and forth or join , The total number of participants was finally determined 15 name , I am honored to be the monitor , Can lead you to brush questions together , Summarize together , Play games together , Chat together , Watch a movie together , Drink together ……

Although because of the epidemic , The timeline of the game has also been dragged longer and longer , Finally today , Official news , Extension to September to the end of October . And the sad thing is , I'm going to have an employment internship after this year's course . So all of our classmates will withdraw from the competition !!

Tell me why I played in the Blue Bridge Cup ?

I knew about this game when I was a freshman , When I was young and ignorant , I don't know how to prepare for the audition on campus , It ended up hanging up during the audition =.=#
Then I thought I had to find a place to come back , So I signed up again , I didn't expect to succeed , Then the sea tactics were carried out for more than half a year .

Participate in the process of blue bridge ?

wow , There's a lot to talk about , When the class was formed , My level belongs to the post middle level in my class , Then with my unremitting efforts , Finally, he entered the class with the result of the last to last , It can be said that at the beginning , I am completely in the state of memorizing code , I'm confused every day. I don't know what the problem is , Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

My level (JAVA university C Contestants in the group )?

What about my level , Up to now, my level is also the position behind our Blue Bridge Cup , The two provincial mock exams that I participated in are about the level of one province and two provinces ?( Whisper ), Forced wave , No matter how bad it is, it is also a province . Suddenly a little embarrassed ~~

Why did you become monitor ?

ah , I remember that day very clearly , We have a mock exam , It will be time to prepare for the shift , My programming problem is really terrible , The lecturer told me about it , The truth of life . In fact, I understood what he meant at that moment , All the way back to the dormitory with a smile , At last I took a nap . In the afternoon, I went to the classroom with my computer bag on my back , I like to do things from beginning to end , I'd like to review the contents of the morning exam .( In fact, there is no definite result , I want to hold on for a while ) In the afternoon, our academic director came to see us , I found that there were only a few of us left , I asked him if he would tell you something , We have a lot of knowledge that we can't , My academic director gave us a lesson , Then at the end, the school committee and the monitor were elected . What impressed me most was what he said to me : What do I want you to do if a person can't hold on , Just lead everyone to get me the prize !( At that moment, tears filled my eyes )

Here's an episode : I am the project director of the student union , The usual docking task is to communicate with the academic director , Maybe I'm serious and reliable , I made a better impression on him , Omit a bunch of words praising yourself here , hey .

Knowledge gained by blue bridge ?

violence , recursion , Bubbling , array ,dp, Deep search , Wide search , tree , chart , There are many examples of regular expressions and so on .( Although I don't know many algorithms )

The harvest of blue bridge ?

This is really too much , Harvest a partner with different personalities who fight side by side , I learned autonomy from blue bridge , Actively learn new knowledge . The biggest gain must be the data structure and algorithm . Because none of our colleges offer these courses , Message comparison block , Through the blue bridge , Learn to blog , Record the knowledge learned every day . This is an unspeakable treasure experience .

Planning for the future ?

Now I am preparing for the completion of the course and the process of job interview , Of course, the most important thing is , prepare 2021 Hebei college entrance examination in , Be sure to take Ben ashore , This is my plan for the past year , How to implement and operate , I'd better come back and summarize after I succeed in receiving this book !!

The last inner monologue ?

I have no merit , Maybe I will insist on what I want and try my best to get it .

For example, I like to practice sports , I have been practicing shot put since primary school , discus , Javelin. I compete every year , And they are all on campus , Top three achievements in the province ~

For example, I like playing games , More than 900 days of the glorious career of the king finally became a star today , so to speak 5 month 9 No. to 5 month 14 Morning of the th , All in my game , From platinum II to Xingyao , The average day is about 5 reach 6 About hours , What's more, I played for a long time during the day yesterday , Last night I came from 9 Point to 3 It's almost a star shining on the sky , As a result, he was forced to rest by the game , this morning 6 Get up and eat more , The star shines at 8:30 , I found it after loading , ah , That's how it feels , Then I unloaded the game , Because I have more important things to do , Maybe I'll be the king next summer , Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

For example, I like watching American dramas , Kill Eve , Did anyone see it , If so, we are good sisters !! I can watch two seasons in two days without multiple .

Actually, I said so much , What I want to express most is , Find what you want and stick to it , Climb over the mountain , You will meet another better self .

The only thing left unsaid is learning , However, learning is a process from bitter to sweet , Find what you want to do , Don't preach , Do it quietly , Time is the best proof .

Of course, the most important thing is , Take Ben ashore . Fight blue bridge again , I'll get it back , It's just a matter of time !!

The Blue Bridge Cup column will officially stop after sending this blog post , When exactly will it start ? It's time to fight blue bridge again …( Unfinished to be continued )

<> Small theater : good night , Sweet dream .Good night, wish you have a good dream.