<> Interview summary

<> company : Alibaba

<> department : Cloud computing Department

<> position :java engineer

<> technological process : Call two days in advance to inform the interview time , Prepare for the interview .

<> Questions asked :

<>1, What kind of project experience have you had ?

<>2, What unit have you been to for internship ?

<>3, Look at your resume and ask about some of the items , match , Ask about the technical points .

<>4, Introduce yourself .

<>5,java Basic knowledge of :

<>hashmap The principle of

<> The execution order of code blocks in the inheritance process

<>equals and hashcode method

<> Multithreading , introduce threadlocal

<> Variable declaration volatile

<>java Memory model ( Implementation principle of visibility )

<> How does multithreading main space and thread space change

<> introduce concurrent package

<> Introduce thread pool

<>jvm Principle of garbage collection

<> Object and introduces several references ( difference )

<> Design patterns

<>linux Basic command (cat filter error The line of ···)

<>java in sort Implementation principle of method sorting

<> Heap sort complexity

<>6, Thinking questions

<> Very large data files (20G), Make a sort , Output the first ten digits , What would you do ?

<>7, What books have you read ? What are you good at ?

<>8, I was very impressed , More difficult problems ? How did it work ?

<>9, Introduce your strengths and weaknesses

<>10, What you're good at can add time

<> summary :

<> In this Alibaba school recruitment interview process , A wide range of areas have been explored , Two words to describe , In place ! I feel like I can get it from 2 Three aspects to explain their own shortcomings :

<>1, Narrow field of vision

<>1) The highest level of competition is provincial level , Did not participate in a higher platform to participate in a better competition , such as ACM,CCPC( Data structures and algorithms are really important , Show one's ability
Important performance of ) etc . Limited vision and thinking .

<>2) Technology is developing rapidly , The technology that I know is not in the forefront of the country or the world , Too little technology learned , There is still too little knowledge of advanced technology .

<>2, The depth is shallow

1) One should not only have strong practical ability , We should have solid theoretical knowledge . As can be seen from Ali's interview , A large factory pays great attention to basic knowledge and has a solid foundation , It's not enough to have a good class !!! We must read more books , Reading good books ! In this interview, each interviewer will ask what books he has read , What part of the book are you good at .( Reading is so important !!!)

<>2) In the interview process , Every knowledge point will ask the bottom , Implementation principle , Implementation algorithm . Really Read more books ! Emphasize yourself again . When asked about multithreading this time , I hesitated , Can use far
Not enough , depth ! depth ! depth ! Emphasize it three times . Multithreading can write books , After earning the salary, I'll buy the multi thread books with good reputation first, and take a closer look at them ! One can't fall on one skill 2 Time ! This multithreading made my interview come true !

<>3) Look at the source code ! Look at the source code ! Look at the source code ! This is very important . Every time you type code, you need to understand the implementation principle , Implementation algorithm ! Don't let yourself be too shallow . Learning requires understanding , It's been a long time , Form a habit , days and months multiplying ,
It gets stronger .

<> last , Summarize the experience : Make a summary every time you finish something every day , Record every important conversation , Organizing knowledge , The demand is very clear !