I have worked in the city with the most developed electronic industry for ten years , The most real situation in this industry at present .

10 Years ago, I was as confused as many fresh students , I don't know what I can do when I come out .

The major of the school is electrical engineering , Later, the school forced our department to become an elevator major , Fill the so-called blue collar gap for society , We are the victims of this gap , The employment rate is high , The school has a good reputation, right ?( It seems to be too straightforward , Ha ha ha ).

I believe no one likes to do this industry , But where did you know that , As long as there are girls and games, it's enough .

Even if you like an industry , Experience at that age also does not have the ability to assess whether there is a future , Most people understand that the future is nothing more than high wages .

Then I pretended to like programming , Maybe it was just looking at the high salary of making code dogs at that time .

The first thing I learned was java, After studying for a month, I found that the threshold was too high , No one teaches and learns at the same time , I did one in a month 90 Tank game , It sounds like a game , In fact, it's not even as good as mine sweeping , Still at the entry level .

The back inadvertently touched the single chip microcomputer , It aroused my interest , Because you can control the hardware installation , And you just need to c Basic language sentences , Can control single chip microcomputer IO The mouth is OK , The threshold is always low .

Driven by interest , I also learned to forget to eat and sleep , You can learn early in the morning when you get up in the morning 1,2 spot , At that time, I told others that I was a scum, and no one believed it .

Say it's learning , It's better to play single chip microcomputer , Write program control board on LED, I'll think about whether I can use programs to control the lights at home ? The more you think about it, the more you want to study it , A month later, I can basically do a small project .

It's almost spent 3 Months of self-study , I went to find a job , Although I have bumped , But in the end, he succeeded in changing his career , One is ten years .

Single chip microcomputer learned that there is no way out 3 Analysis from three aspects :

1. wages
This is also what we are most concerned about , As long as there is 2 Project precipitation around , Monthly salary in 15K The above is still very common .

If 5 More than years, basically competent as the person in charge of R & D , Monthly salary in 22-25K Around or even higher , Look at fields and companies .

The average monthly salary is 22K Left and right is a bottleneck , If you want to be higher, you have to shoulder more responsibilities , Go to work completely 996, fall ill ICU Days of .

As for the number of fresh graduates , It is estimated that the normal is in 6-8K about .
The salary of fresh students' first job is not important , As long as you can eat , The main thing is that the company can really expose you to product development , Even maintenance codes .

The first month of my year 18K, After six months of job hopping, it directly rose to 5K, Again 8,9 Job hopping will arrive in three months 1W Yes .

So the salary of single chip microcomputer in the early stage will rise quickly as long as you jump the slot several times .

In addition to technology , Being a man is also very important , At least you have to give people a sense of responsibility , A reliable feeling .

2. market demand
In fact, we look at the whole market of single chip microcomputer , You can refer to a trend of chip shipments .

You can see from the data above , In recent years, the market scale of domestic single chip microcomputer has been growing continuously .

3. Future trends
Why does it continue to grow , Mainly the Internet of things and 5G Our technology is maturing , It has driven the transformation of many new applications and traditional products , Like bike sharing , Shared power bank , Charging pile , Smart parking lot , Access control , Smart home, etc .

In fact, this is not the time to really break out , Because there are still many bottlenecks in the Internet of things , For example, security issues , Delay problem , Power consumption problem .

When these are mature , Maybe it's the real spring .

Final summary :
Then again , Even if spring comes , In fact, it has nothing to do with most migrant workers , At best, it's just a high salary .

So is there a way out , Ultimately, it depends on your understanding of the industry , Your resources , And how to really solve the user's pass point through this technology .

And these are often not technical things , Technology is just a tool .