Millions of different summers , The same is just goodbye ; So he jumped into the sea of people , Each has a brilliant wind and rain .

In a twinkling of an eye , Graduation has been a whole year 5 Years .

After work, I seem to become more rational , Or , Deliberately hiding his too emotional side .

What books did you read in the year-end summary , What interesting things did you do? A full page , I found that the leadership was completely wrong when I defended
care, I didn't even lift my head . I was still a little sad , But I can understand it , These things are not of interest to him , It's even worthless , He is more concerned about whether you can bring benefits to him .

After understanding this, I put away too personal things bit by bit , Also slowly lost their emotional self , Become more realistic .

so to speak , Feelings in the workplace are a superfluous thing , Leaders want to know more about the results , I don't care how hard you work . Sad or happy , All the little emotions are just you , Only doing things well is valuable .

Probably because of this , Especially miss the time of school , At that time, I was more real and vivid , Think about it , It seems that I haven't laughed as happily and wantonly as I did in College for a long time .

Memories were suddenly pulled back to college , The taste of youth is especially missed .

This photo is my favorite one , The last time is always impressive .

Behind him, the ivy covered with walls grows wantonly , We laughed and yelled , Figure together , Making fun of each other's age , uncomplicated , Warm and real .

The summer in my memory has a bright and warm background , Vivid memories jump , As if it were yesterday .

Clearly remember the soft touch of leaves , Remember the cicada's tireless cry , Remember the desks and chairs we had class together , The familiar faces in the memory are so warm , Laugh without any precaution .

5 I haven't seen you for years , I don't know if you're all doing well .

The dormitory became empty when I left , Just like when I first came , shut the door , The future story is someone else's .

A lot of laughter and laughter have been left here , It seems that many schools have an unwritten rule :

There must be no books on the desk , You can't hang anything on the hanger , There can be no one in bed , The trash can cannot contain garbage .

I still remember making fun of my roommate , Then I'll just go to the trash can , Ha ha ha .

Have to say , Every time I check the dormitory, it is a scuffle comparable to a blockbuster .

Aunt Zha's footsteps in the corridor approached quickly , Everyone frantically stuffed all kinds of things into the cabinet , The roommate who was dreaming climbed up quickly as if he were a corpse , Quickly fold the quilt and jump down from the upper bunk , One set of actions at a time , Amazing agility .

Aunt would knock symbolically before she came in , Seemingly polite actions have left us a deep psychological shadow . So many years after graduation, when I heard a knock on the door in my sleep, I would immediately pop up and prepare to fold the quilt , I have to sigh that habit is a very terrible thing .

I felt very anti human at that time , But now I really miss it .

This is a still photo of a micro film made by the sea when I was a junior , In the evening, the sea in Yantai is really beautiful .

Entering university is like opening the door to a new world , As long as you have courage , No one will stop you from doing anything .

I tried to take part in the filming of micro film for the first time , The hands and feet were extremely uncoordinated and went to the opening dance , Like most people, I skip classes occasionally , I almost got caught , Ha ha ha .

If you remember right , It should have been a meditation class , This kind of class skipping rate can reach 80%, and the class is arranged in the morning , Therefore, only the hardworking dormitory leader can appreciate the charm of knowledge alone .

What a coincidence , Bad news came in less than a few minutes after class : The attendance Department came to check the class , Just after washing our hair, my roommate and I rushed to the classroom like a runaway wild donkey , I swear I've never run that fast in my life .

I don't know the younger martial sister of the attendance department is looking at her long wet hair , Speak without shame “ Just went to the bathroom , Please cross out my name ”
How do I feel , Anyway, my heart was big at that time : As long as I'm not embarrassed , What's embarrassing is others , It's really cheeky , Ha ha ha ha .

The university has tried many things that they didn't dare to do before , I didn't fall behind in my study . Get a scholarship , Pass four or six levels , Passed the soft test network engineer , The results of these efforts have also enriched their college career , It can also be regarded as a stepping stone for future work , But compared with other interesting things , Those hard-working days are a little blurred in memory .

Maybe hard work is more suitable for one person , It's not that impressive , Only one result is left to remind you of what you have paid .

The last part is at the station , Stand under the stop sign opposite the school , No one knows what the future will be like . One second ago, he joked and joked , A second later, he suddenly cried , Crying, laughing or waving goodbye , But I know that goodbye may be far away .

That summer night , College is over , Youth is over .

When I wrote this blog, I found out the photos of the university class , Young smiles are green and lovely .

Now some of us are married and have children , Some early back on the mortgage pressure , Some were tortured by work and lost their first cavity of blood , Some are still fighting for their dreams .

perhaps , Memories are beautiful , It's precisely because those days can't go back . We're all changing , Why not yourself ?

But ah , Since there are no more stories , The only thing we can do , Just don't forget . There will be countless choices and losses in life , But there are always love and dreams that will tell you , Where is the road .

I hope to see you next time , It can also be fresh and bright .