<> Never go to an outsourcing company , Otherwise you will regret it !

Today, let's talk about outsourcing companies , I used to work in an outsourcing company for less than a year , We won't say which company it is , Why don't I suggest you go to an outsourcing company , There are mainly the following reasons :

first , No sense of belonging . I didn't know until I went to the outsourcing company , In a few days, you will be assigned to the project team of other companies , You don't seem to have anything to do with your original company except salary , The place where you work every day is not your company , Say you are an employee of your outsourcing company , You may not go back several times a year , After one project is completed, you will be assigned to other projects , To a new project , Like a wandering child , No ownership .

second , Skills are not improved at all . When you used to work on an outsourced project, you were only exposed to a very small part of the project , Basically, the work content is repeated every day , Just like the workers on the assembly line , about IT For this industry , We must accept new knowledge , Instead of doing the same thing every day , So we'll be thrown out of a few blocks soon .

third , About wages . The outsourcing company only gives you salary in the first three months 80%, And the provident fund is not paid in full , Salary only 70% hand over , So we will lose this part of the money , And the most important thing , When you come out of a project , If you don't go to the next project immediately , The company won't pay you during this period , I'll take your personal leave , Really want to cry without tears !
So here I would like to advise all brothers and sisters who want to go to outsourcing companies , Don't go if you can , What a pit father , This is the pit I went through .