1. Enter an integer from the keyboard x, Determine if it is a collection a,b,c Elements of , If output separately 1,2,3, If neither is output 4, Request set a Input from keyboard , Please add the procedure

2. Created by Monday~Sunday( On behalf of Monday to planet day ) Of 7 Dictionary of values , Output key list , List of values and list of key values .

3. Enter a number of data from the keyboard to create a dictionary , Then read its key and value , And stored in two lists respectively .

4. Input the whole class 30 Names and grades of students , Output the highest and lowest scores , And ask for the average score of the whole class . It is required to use dictionary .

5. Random generation 10 individual [0,10] The integer of the range , Form a set separately A And set B, output A and B Content of , length , Maximum , Minimum and their union , Intersection and difference set .

6. The purpose of the following procedure is to find two positive integers m,n The greatest common divisor of , Please add the procedure

7. Computing space p(x,y,z) Direction chord of , The calculation formula is as follows :

8. Define a function , It returns an integer n Number one from the right k Numbers .

9. Define a function , If the number d In integers n Appears in one of the , Return to True, Otherwise return False.

10. The formula is as follows , calculation : input x and n Value of , seek y value . It is required to be implemented in two cases : Defining functions directly in a program s(x,n); Defining functions in modules s(x,n).

11. if Fibonacci The order of a sequence n Item marked as fib(a,b,n), There is the following recursive definition :