Last two days , Wrote an article about 7000 Word article .

If nothing happens , The content of the article will be broadcast live in the internal student group next Monday .

therefore , It led to no more text in these two days , It's even harder …

Get some fans today F benefit .

Are some examples of single chip microcomputer programs , Personally, I think it is still of great reference value for beginners .

No matter what you learn now , Learn to copy first .

When I first started learning SCM , Just like everyone else .

Encounter some functions , There is no thought in my mind , I don't know how to write code .

Many people mistakenly believe that their foundation is poor , Not suitable for learning this , He gave up .

And I , Just stick to it .

It's not how amazing my perseverance is , But to live , Forced and helpless .

If I were a rich second generation , I'll learn a hammer .

How did I grow up in the back ?

Is to constantly refer to other people's code , Learn from others' ideas .

Too much , There will be accumulation , I know how to do similar functions in the future .

It's such an ordinary trick that works best .

If there is no reference , Want to break your head , You can't think of how to write the program .

Here are some screenshots of these program routines .



altogether 300 Multiple routines , It basically covers many functional requirements .

The notes are also very detailed , It's basically easy to understand .



But it's all based on 51 Single chip microcomputer , Master directly ignore …

I didn't write the program , I'm just collecting .

It's not convenient to put links here , Routine source code can find endless MCU programming .

If it works for you , Please make a little money , Arrange a third company .

Benefit more people ~