A few days ago, several new people came to our company , My predecessors can really endure these years , Originally, we all planned to leave after working a little extra every day , These newcomers have never left , It's hard for us to leave .

2022 The spring recruit is about to begin , Recent serious involution , Various job hopping and layoffs , I believe many partners are also preparing the interview plan for this year's golden three silver four .

Here is a set of study notes /
Interview manual , Friends who change jobs after two years can brush it well , It's still necessary , It covers almost all Java Technology stack , Very precious , The liver ends up in the big factory ! Proper . I believe it will help you after reading it ( Don't be a collection party )

Let's show you some screenshots first , Plain, all dry goods , After all, there is a lot of competitive pressure in the interview these months , See more and learn more , It's important to know what the interviewer is going to ask , In this way, there is a high probability of standing out from thousands of interviewers .

This document has 263 page , Quite fine , Share it for free , Show some screenshots first .

Content includes :Java Basics ,Java aggregate , abnormal & reflex ,IO&NIO, Multithreading ,JVM,Linux,MySql,Spring,Spring
Cloud,Mybatis,Nginx,Redis,Dubbo,Kafka,,SpringBoot, resume .

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Partial catalog :

Content screenshot :

Java Basic part

Java Multithreaded part

Data structure and algorithm

Linux Command part

Java Memory model and Garbage recycling part

There's too much content. I'm too lazy to take screenshots one by one , Take your time , Absolutely fruitful !

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