I've seen someone ask me several times recently , How do testers throw the pot . All this 2022 Years , What's so serious “ silo ” thinking ? We are one Team ah , Aren't they all playing agile R & D ? What about the agreed exemption culture ? Quality awareness and quality built-in of all staff have always been what the team expects to happen ( If it does happen , Maybe many testers will have no food to eat ). Do you think I'll say they did wrong ? Actually , I really can't blame them directly . This matter , Let's talk about it .

1. Where is the perceived quality of the team

Testing activities actually depend on the team atmosphere , Because testing is not the source of the product , Nor is it an actual producer . As “ auxiliary ”, There must be auxiliary consciousness . What testers should learn first , Is to perceive the lower limit of the overall quality view of the team . If team members , Or the leader doesn't care about quality , Then as the last link of product quality assurance , In fact, it is more troublesome ( Not all teams live on product quality ).

How to perceive the quality view of the team ? Personal tips are , Observe how long the team deals with online problems . Why not quantity ? Because the quantity may be a problem of the team's temporary ability ( Poor code quality , Insufficient ability of testers , High business complexity, etc ), However, the solution time can truly reflect the team's attitude towards delivery quality .

If the response speed is fast , Then it must be a team with requirements for quality ( Voluntary or not , Some teams are self demanding , There is pressure from customers ), In this team , Try to improve the quality , Carry more pots ( I believe such a team will not throw the pot . It will be analyzed later ), Personal feeling is OK .

If you are not sensitive to online issues , Drag it if you can ( Or hide ), Then don't expect too much , Make process records , Multiple email tips risk , Then learn to throw the pot . Personally, I suggest you change your environment .

2. Quality analysis of pot

If it is the first team mentioned above , We can still analyze it carefully “ pot ” Quality of . Simply put online BUG Divided into three levels , Easy to analyze .

Simple problems :
If it is a relatively simple problem, it will reappear , Then as a tester, we need to reflect on why , This pot won't run , Still have an attitude of being responsible for your work . How to avoid such problems ? There are a few small ways :

Pay attention to the design of test strategy ( Many people have forgotten it , Later, we will talk about the test strategy ), For each iteration ( edition ) Sort out the test focus and test methods .

Test case design is more comprehensive , Consider more business scenarios , More confirmation means , Not just stay on the operation of the page .

Test case review , Avoid falling into the test blind spot , Let the product and R & D work together to confirm whether the scene coverage is sufficient .

Execute test cases carefully , This is simple , But it's important . Because people are in low spirits , In some cases , leave things to luck , Maybe the use case is directly Pass Yes .

Problems that occur only in specific scenarios or data :
This situation , Meet once , Just perfect the use case once ( If it can be automated , It's best ), At the same time, think about why this is the only case , Similar problems are caused by different environment configurations . Such problems need to pay attention to the accumulation in peacetime , Form your own experience , This kind “ pot ”, You can recite it together , But we should give improvement plans , You can't fall in the same place many times .

Deep-seated accidental problems :
This kind of problem is actually a good test ground to improve the technical ability of the team , Just concentrate on solving it , It can stimulate the enthusiasm of technical otaku men . Such problems , Generally, do a good job in online monitoring , Timely warning , Earlier than the customer or not too far behind , Just do it , Just give the team time to solve the problem ( Prepare relevant scripts , So is appeasing customers OK of ).

You see , Such a point , Is the psychological burden much less , Some “ pot ” It's not a bad thing . Isn't it .

3. What is your view of quality

last , Let's talk about the tester's own view of quality . There are a variety of reasons for everyone to take the test road , It also leads to great differences in people's views on quality itself .

View 1 :
The profession of testing is defined as simply ensuring that there are no major accidents in the system , The situation of jumping at one point , Others to the developer , appear BUG Is the lack of development ability . Because their understanding of the test deviated , Therefore, we encounter more complex problems , Difficult to detect problems , Just give up trying , Make excuses for yourself . For example, their salary is so small , Because the ability is limited , What else can I do if I can't find it ? For example, you can test it ? Whose software doesn't have one yet BUG And . similar cases are numerous , I certainly don't think I should carry this pot .

View 2 : Products from their own hands , Minimum quality assurance , If something goes wrong , Timely reflection , Find a solution , what “Bug Hide too deep ”,“ The test environment cannot be replicated ”
Such reasons are not excuses , Lessons learned , Strive to improve yourself . Really treat testing as a profession , We will think of ways to solve or avoid the recurrence of such problems . While doing yourself well , Positive impact on the team , Gradually affect others .

View III :
Through better practice , Prevent problems in advance . Single test , static analysis , automated testing , And now the more popular chaos test , Will help us find problems as soon as possible . Introduce agile concepts at appropriate opportunities , Through their own ability and Practice , Assist the team to build quality , Cultivate the quality awareness of all staff .

4. When teams and individuals conflict

All say “ Start with appearance , Loyal to talent ”, For testers , Select a team , Generally ” Start with money , Be loyal to the Three Outlooks “. When personal quality awareness conflicts with the team , Try not to try to change anything forcibly with your personal ability ( Unless you have a special tacit understanding with the leader ). Because that would make everyone miserable .

or , For money's sake , Go with the flow , Follow the team ( Very not recommended , Because once you form a habit , When you leave the team , Many opportunities will be lost ).

or , Leave the team , To find a higher circle .

5. Summary

Where do you spend your time , There will be harvest . If you spend too much energy learning how to throw the pot , Then you will have N There are many reasons to give up quality . Have this time , You might as well try to find a team that can improve your ability . Try to identify the quality view of the team , At the same time, recognize your own quality concept , Find a suitable team , Roll it .

you , Have you learned to throw the pot ? That's all for today , next , What shall we talk about ? Coming soon .