2021 The golden three silver four job hopping season has come , According to the data of famous recruitment websites , artificial intelligence , Machine learning posts have gradually become the rigid demand of the industry , But while wages rise , Competitive pressure will also increase . that , In the face of such a high salary interview , Are you really ready ?

cr. Zhaopin

actually , The most important thing in machine learning job recruitment is to be able to work , To be able to work requires engineers to have solid basic skills in algorithm and programming , Have some relevant experience in the past, etc . But even if you don't have this experience , You can still try to tell the interviewer during the interview “ You can be trained ”.


Now? , If you are preparing for an interview for a position related to machine learning or artificial intelligence , Or do you want to change your career and become a machine learning Engineer , Then I sincerely recommend you to come
Live sharing launched by geek University and machine learning expert Wang Ran . In the live broadcast , Wang Ran will share with you how to prepare for the job interview and tell you about past project experience , And explain the typical interview questions for you in detail .


Who is Wang Ran ?

Zhongwei Technology AI Lab
person in charge , Double master's degree in mathematics and econometrics, University of Amsterdam . Once served as the technical director of cognitive intelligence laboratory , Led the team to develop man-machine dialogue robot and document proofreading system , The accuracy and recall rate of the system have reached the cutting-edge level in the industry . Led the risk control marketing of China Construction Bank , And Jingdong public opinion analysis and other data science projects .

During the work of Zhongwei Technology , Integrating deep learning and reinforcement based learning AutoML It is introduced into the default system of small and medium-sized enterprises , Compared with the traditional model AUC Promoted 10% above .


AI How do Algorithm Engineers prepare for an interview

3 month 9 day ( Tuesday )20:00, Mr. Wang Ran teaches you how to conquer quickly in the live studio AI Algorithm Engineer Interview , besides , We also prepared for you 「 Machine learning high frequency interview 100
topic + Detailed answer 」, Help you overcome the spring interview , Successfully get the big factory Offer!

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