IT Home of 3 month 5 Japan news According to foreign media AppleInsider 3 month 4 Daiichi said , Apple has applied for a patent for an under screen light sensor , Can be Face ID
Put the used sensor assembly under the screen , future iPhone Or cancel bangs .

current iPhone model , for example iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro series , It's installed in the bangs at the top of the display Face ID
System and matched light sensor . Now apple is trying to redesign the light sensor , The latest patent application shows that , Apple has designed a new light sensor , It works under the screen , Possible for future versions
iPhone On Face ID or Touch ID. If this new light sensor can be installed in the future iPhone upper , Bangs can be minimized or even eliminated completely .

stay 3 month 4 A new project called
“ A sensor system for detecting the light incidence of the light emitting layer on the screen of electronic equipment ” Patent application for , Apple has listed a design that embeds a light detection layer into the display stack . The light sensor related to the light sensing system can be arranged around the display area or inside the fuselage .

IT Home understands , The patent gives two direct examples , One of them shows that , The light sensor can display the image of the object touching the screen , This can be used for off screen imaging based on optical imaging system Touch
ID. Another is that you can use electrical signals from photodiodes or solar cells to sense color , Or detect the intensity of light coming into the display stack .

Most of the description of the patent focuses on the ambient light sensor . Even for ambient light sensors only , The system can also be used to narrow the future iPhone Bangs size of the model , At present, the light sensor is embedded in the bangs .

however , Given rumors that apple is seeking to minimize bangs , Or reintroduce it on mobile phones in the future Touch
ID, The patent application is likely to be one of the key technologies to achieve the goal . There has been a lot of news before , Apple is building mobile phones with fingerprints under the screen .