From outsourcing , I didn't expect the algorithm to die in another factory

Since joining the company , I work overtime every day , A lot of money , So I put up with it . little does one think 8 Monthly notice , Everyone is not allowed to work overtime , Salary drop 30%, Suddenly there was a rush who couldn't afford to eat .

Fortunately, a brother pushed me to an Internet company , See the interviewer in high spirits , I didn't expect a question to kill me :

problem : If a task contains several subtasks , All subtasks completed , The whole task is completed , If a task is not completed , All tasks have to be cancelled .

I feel so simple , I didn't expect another request : With maximum efficiency , Minimum time to complete !

It's a lot harder , Just didn't answer , I knew it. Take a good look at it from a big man Java The interview manual .

Java One side is basically basic questions ,  similarly CURD My job , Who is more skilled , Like this one below Java Interview manual , The more proficient the eight part essay is, the easier it is to pass Java interview .

This information covers a wide range of topics , Contains 14 Technology stack :

Basic chapter

JVM piece

Multithreading & Concurrent articles

Spring piece

MyBatis piece

SpringBoot piece

MySQL piece

Redis piece

SpringCloud piece

Nginx piece

MQ piece

Data structure and algorithm

Linux piece


Article 1 : Basic chapter

Part II :JVM piece

notes : Including detailed explanation ! Limited space , Collated to network disk , Add assistant VX, Free access .

Part III : Multithreading & Concurrent articles

Part IV :Spring piece

Part V :MyBatis piece

Part VI :SpringBoot piece

Chapter VII :MySQL piece

Chapter 8 :Redis piece

notes : Including detailed explanation ! Limited space , Collated to network disk , Add assistant wechat , Free access .

Chapter 9 :SpringCloud piece

Chapter 10 :Nginx piece

Chapter 11 :MQ piece

Chapter 12 : Data structure and algorithm

Chapter 13 :Linux piece

Chapter 14 : Resume


The whole document has nearly 200
page , It must be unrealistic to show it all to everyone , In order not to affect everyone's reading experience, only part of the content is displayed , I hope you will forgive me , I hope it can help you review before the interview and find a good job , It also saves you time to study by searching information on the Internet ! You need to scan the code and get it for free :