There is a local folder , Used to write various hand training projects . Several subfolders inside are direct

git clone

Come here , But I changed something on it . Other subfolders are messy items written by themselves .

The parent folder is now

git int

, I want to put the whole big folder

git push

Backup to private library . Every subfolder can be found push success , however clone Incoming subfolders push It's empty .

Now except for each subfolder

rm -rf ./git

Is there a better way ?

Why are you here git Directory subfolder again git What about the project ? Isn't the usage right

perhaps You need to understand and learn git submodule

push It should be his origin You use git remote -v Check his origin
It may correspond to you clone The address of ~ therefore push Will be empty when ~

See this brochure for details , Make many concepts more thorough

git pro

As for the solution ~ It should be necessary Every time you clone Okay, then git init once stay git remote add + Your remote private library This should be correct push

Come on

Because you didn't add the contents of the subfolder to the version management of the parent folder . For example, you have two warehouses A and B. When you are A When using commands in the directory, the operation is A Warehouse , stay B Directory git The command operates B Warehouse .


└── A

├── B

│   └── .git

│       ├── branches

│       ├── hooks

│       ├── info

│       ├── objects

│       │   ├── info