As the next technology highland in automatic driving technology , Vehicular lidar , Due to the high-end positioning technology , It also brings a high threshold of admission , Instead of making cars , Huawei, which helps auto companies build good cars , With a strong scientific research strength , The first to enter , Now it is the reality of the output .

   A few days ago , We learned from the Internet ,12 month 21 day , Huawei releases high performance lidar products and Solutions .

   Huawei said , Scenario based analysis , Huawei design , Developed 96 Medium and long range lidar products , It can realize pedestrian and vehicle detection coverage in urban area , At the same time, it has the ability to detect high-speed vehicles , More in line with China's complex road conditions .

   current , Vehicular lidar , For car companies , The biggest obstacle to application is volume and cost . And if you want to use lidar on a large scale in cars , These two problems must be overcome .

   before , Huawei intelligent vehicle solutions BU President Wang Jun said , Huawei has an optoelectronic technology research center in Wuhan , There are 1
More than 10000 people , The center is developing lidar technology , The goal is to develop rapidly in the short term 100 Line lidar . It is planned to reduce the cost of lidar to 200 dollar , Even 100 dollar .

   current , With Huawei's official launch of car borne lidar , It means that Huawei is ready for the mass production of vehicle size lidar products .

   It is reported that , Than millimeter wave radar and camera , Lidar in target profile measurement , Angle measurement , Light stability , General obstacle detection and other aspects have excellent ability .

   And in the difficult scenario , For example, urban non-standard pedestrians , Nonstandard Road , Even non-standard driving behavior , Laser radar is urgently needed to solve this problem . For autonomous driving , Lidar is very important , Equivalent to self driving “ eye ”.

   For vehicular lidar , Huawei research believes that , High speed scene is far away , Need to see 200 Vehicles beyond meters , This determines the laser radar ranging specifications . meanwhile , Look at the complicated intersection , Determines the level of lidar

   it is reported , Huawei's first car size lidar , have 120°×25° Broad vision , Dealing with urban areas , People in high speed and other scenes , Vehicle ranging demands , Full field of view ranging 150 rice ;

   At the same time, in the full field of vision , level , The vertical harness is evenly distributed , There is no splicing , Shaking, etc , The stable point cloud is very friendly to the back-end sensing algorithm , As a vehicle specification product , This lidar is small in size , Suitable for the demand of front loading mass production vehicles .

   in addition , In terms of cost , Huawei lidar is still unable to do what it claimed 100 dollar , But it's about a few hundred dollars .

   With tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands on the market 32 Line ,64 Line or 128 Comparison of linear mechanical lidar , The price is very cheap . and , At present, Huawei's lidar has become a hot item for main engine manufacturers .

   meanwhile , There was a message earlier , Huawei lidar , It's already in Suzhou ES8 Test on the vehicle , From the loading pictures , Lidar is very small , Can be completely hidden in the interior structure .

   It is worth mentioning that , During Guangzhou Auto Show , Chang'an Automobile chairman Zhu Huarong also announced , Will join hands with Huawei , Ningde Era , Build a high-end intelligent car brand together . In the structure of Chang'an ark that it announced , Will reserve 36
Sensors , It contains 5 Lidar .

   Major car companies are competing to claim to be the first to use car borne lidar , This also shows that the current vehicular lidar has a great development prospect , Huawei, which has been the first to enter the market , Or it will lead a new technical trend of vehicle borne lidar .