case :

Small A Because of his shy and introverted character , It has been deeply cultivated in the industry for more than ten years, and it is only a senior engineer java Position of engineer , Maybe there is no management talent , I never wanted to be a general . Live day after day , One project after another . But it seems that from 30 The salary hasn't been raised since the age of , The salary increased several times before job hopping 30 Job hopping doesn't work after the age of , Freeze frame , In recent years, due to the sluggish market environment , The competition among programmers is becoming more and more fierce ,36 Year old heel 30 The wages are as like as two peas. , Not only the salary is the same , Instead, there are more and more things , What does all this mean ?

It's more than a bottleneck period , The programmer's sad egg came —— Anxiety stems from the desire for success , Eager to be a great person , But the ability is limited . I'm used to a good life. I can't stand a hard life , This is the main cause of anxiety , Of course, there is dissatisfaction , Like Tencent , Ali , Baidu such Internet bigwig , Can't stand still , They must innovate , Otherwise, it may be eliminated by the times . be personally IT Industry programmers , At the forefront of development and innovation ,36 In fact, regardless of age , Or innovative thinking seems to be a little worse than young people , So how can they not be confused , Can it only be like this after mixing for so many years ?

Interpretation of programmer career life cycle :

If the working hours of programmers are 22 Age calculation , The average retirement age is 35 If the age is calculated , Programmer's career life is about 14 year . Why is the professional lifeline of programmers so short ? There are roughly the following points ——

1, Programming techniques emerge in endlessly , The iteration speed is very fast , At this time, we need to keep learning , As we grow older, our learning ability is declining .

2, Issues of work results and outputs , When reached 30 In his twenties , Most programmers are married, too , At this time, he was past the age of vigorous energy . At this time, the high-intensity overtime life is unbearable , Then it's common for programmers to work overtime , Plus the need to take care of the family , Retirement may be a better choice .

3, Increase of labor cost , Over time, the salary level of programmers will gradually increase , The corresponding labor cost will also increase a lot , At this time, the probability of being laid off will also increase greatly .

How to improve the hard core strength of programmers ?

For programmers , Code level is the key to show ability . Code written by a good programmer , It's easy to see the difference with the code written by an ordinary programmer , Code is a business card to show the hard power of programmers .

that , How to improve code capability ?

Write a paragraph that works , The code to implement the requirements is not difficult , But it's really not easy to write a piece of code that can run stably for a long time in various situations .

From excellent open source code , Excellent people learn routines from code written by them , Continuous practice in complex business problems , Iteratively optimize each line of your code .

Solve difficult and miscellaneous problems

Dealing with faults usually requires more than the ability to write code , We also need to master the overall picture of a system . Solve more problems / fault . This is definitely a very good way to improve the comprehensive ability of code , If there are few opportunities at work , There are a lot of platforms on the Internet , image Stack
Overflow Something like that , They are good driving ranges .

Code ability as a programmer's hard business card , It is always the most essential thing representing the programmer's hard core capability ,"talk is cheap, show me the code", This sentence is always true .

About the future development of programmers

From the current development trend of the industry , Programmers can develop in the following directions :

first , Take the R & D route . If programmers want to go further in the field of technology in the future , We should take the R & D level route , In short, it is to cultivate their own innovation ability . For a large number of programmers currently engaged in application level positions , If we want to take the R & D level route, we should pay attention to the cultivation of mathematical ability , Because the problem of software development is, in the final analysis, a mathematical problem . For programmers where conditions permit , You can focus on completing post upgrading through postgraduate study .

second , Take the consulting route . For programmers who have been engaged in industry customized software development for a long time , In the future, we can take the route of industry consulting experts . If you want to follow the route of industry consulting experts , We need to accumulate a large number of industry solutions in our daily work , And can continuously improve relevant schemes according to the technical development trend . At present, the salary of industry consulting experts is still considerable , With the development of industrial Internet , The job demand of industry consulting experts will continue to increase .

third , Take the management route . Management route is also an important choice for many programmers , Such as Senior Project Manager , Product managers are good choices , In addition, many programmers will also turn to human resource management positions , For example, responsible for new employee training and recruitment . In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet , Many companies have taken “ Old with new ” Training mode of , So many experienced programmers have gradually moved to management positions .

Although many large Internet companies are making structural adjustments , But from the fundamentals of the development of the Internet industry , In the future, in the process of industrial Internet development ,IT Industries and traditional industries will release a large number of jobs , Therefore, the development space of programmers in the future is very worth looking forward to .



actually , Throughout all walks of life , It's not just programmers who ask themselves where the way out is ? Every industry will ask , Just because everyone wants to succeed , All want to be bullied . The reality is that the vast majority of people alive 80% These are just ordinary people , Capabilities are limited , After doing our best, let nature take its course, people can live more freely and leisurely . So don't ask where the programmer's way out is , Living well is the most important thing , Just work hard in the right way for yourself , This is another interpretation of living up to this life .