August 2008 , Game Science 《 Black myth · name of a fictitious monkey with supernatural powers 》 The real machine demonstration propaganda video of the Internet has exploded the overseas social media , Many big guys in the game industry call out that they can't believe it , Domestic game fans also sigh that the spring of domestic games has finally come .

   Although the black myth Wukong is only a real machine demonstration , But such a high-quality notice still brings a clear stream to the unhealthy host game environment in China . Especially at that time, the game science team had less than one team 30
people , This kind of extreme environment makes fans look forward to it .

   And recently , A science fiction construction game independently developed by Chinese people 《 Dyson ball project 》, Successful again brush explosion of foreign players circle .

Game Forum abroad

   What is Dyson's ball ? Its concept originated from American physicist Freeman · Dyson , In his mind , The energy demand of any technological civilization is growing steadily , If human civilization can last long enough , One day, the demand for energy will expand to a sun ( fixed star ) Almost all of the energy output .

   In fact, Dyson did not completely describe the model of Dyson's ball , He just came up with ways to collect energy . In fiction , The Dyson sphere is often described as an artificial hollow sphere surrounding a star , However, this is a distortion of the original intention of Dyson ball . He wrote in the letter in reply , Dyson said ,“ A spherical shell or ring around a star is not physically feasible . I imagined that ‘ biosphere ’ In the form of a loose solar collector or a satellite cloud orbiting independently around a star .”

Dyson bubble : A deductive way of Dyson's ball

   And the core of the game is from 0
reach 1, Mining corresponding resources , Plan your own industrial steps , Know how to build your own Dyson ball in the end , The design of industrialization , Artistic ideas , In addition, the netizens' hard tempered liver , Every Dyson ball has its own charm .

up main : I'm not Cao's work

up main : Gentle and not always right people work

up main :player_cjy works

   The vast game background and extremely addictive play make players love it , The Dyson ball project not only went on sale, but also reached the top the next day Steam Game hot list , Even a week later, the sales reached 35 ten thousand .

   It is worth mentioning that most of the comments in the comment area are praises from foreigners , The other half are requests from fans from different countries who want to update their national languages , Excellent word of mouth 《 Dyson ball project 》 The high praise rate reached a terrible level
97%, It's so appropriate to have a lot of good comments here .

97% More than a lot 3A A masterpiece

   And the creator of such an almost perfect game , There are only five young people .

Extremely simple R & D team

   According to zhenxinzhen Xiaomao's interview with the game development team, the pomelo cat game , Dyson ball is scheduled for 19 year 4
Monthly project approval , The reason why five people can complete this phenomenal game in more than a year , The main reason is that the team has determined the main play plan of the system in the early stage of the project , Types of creative techniques , Duration required for each technology , The modeling time required for each building and the animation and special effects required for the game , This complete set of logic and time arrangement makes the R & D process of Dyson ball project smooth .

   At present, the pomelo cat team is still working hard to optimize the deficiencies in the game , Whether it's Wukong or Dyson ball , As the new main force of the rise of domestic games , In this game market, which is almost crushed by Europe, America and Japan , We need more tolerance and support .

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