If in centos Under system , You accidentally deleted a file or directory ( for example :rm -rf test.txt
), Then don't panic , Calm down first , Let me tell you how to recover ( Deleting files and directories are the same )

The only thing to note below is , Change to your own directory of deleted files
<>1. Execute command “cd /gitea” Enter the server root directory gitea;

<>2. Execute command “ mkdir asd” Create a folder ;

<>3. Execute command “ rm -rf asd ” Delete the file ;ll Check that the file does not exist at this time

<>4. Execute command “ debugfs ” Using the system's own recovery tools debugfs To repair ;

<>5. Open an extra one xshell, Execute command “ df /gitea/ ” Open the partition where the file was just deleted ; View partition as /dev/vda1

<>6. Execute command “ open /dev/vda1 ” View directory partition ;

<>7. Execute command “ ls -d /www/wwwroot/gitea” Displays the directory of the deleted file ;

<>8. Execute command “ logdump -i <1452682>” Find the block number of the file ;

<>9. Remember the picture above block And execute the command “ quit ” sign out debugfs;

<>10. Execute command “dd if=/dev/vda1 of=/www/wwwroot/gitea/asd bs=1152 count=1
skip=5767796 ” Restore file operation ;

<>11.bs Same as above offset Consistent values ,skip And block Consistent values ; <>12. Execute command “ ls
” You can see the file demo.txt It was deleted and found again , recovery was successful .