APP Encapsulation is formation APP It's the most economical way . You only need to have a web address, and then you can encapsulate it into a cross domain through some technical processing iOS and Android Of APP, This process often takes only a few minutes . In the era of mobile Internet , Have a mobile terminal APP it is essential that . that APP How is it packaged ?

APP Encapsulation implementation

encapsulation APP Mostly refers to Web app encapsulation ,web app It's a kind of architecture APP Development mode , By using the framework (HTML5 APP
Framework development mode ) No matter what iOS still Android, Can achieve cross platform operation . Through this framework , You can encapsulate the web address as APP, Install on mobile device . Web address is simply a web page (html5) Composed of , Package into APP Then open a similar browser to access the web page (html5) equally , So Web pages (html5) Access to mobile hardware , Mobile phone permissions will be restricted .

Web app encapsulation

advantage :

1, Can be directly packaged into APP, Low cost

2, As long as there is a website ( website ) It can be packaged into APP,

3, One time encapsulation generates cross end APP

4, Easy code maintenance , Flexible version update , No native restrictions

shortcoming :

1, The user's mobile experience is poor , Long time may reduce user trust

2, Limited use of native functions , Performance is not as good as native

This leads to mixed development APP, In keeping webapp On the basis of convenient development , Use native performance , Improve user experience . Mixed development APP(Hybrid app) Using the framework (HTML5 +
Native framework ) Cross end generation iOS and Android APP. comparison hybrid app You can use native capabilities , Better experience .

Hybrid app encapsulation

advantage :

1, Need to use HTML5 + Native framework APP, Development completed, packaged into APP, Low cost

2, One time encapsulation generates cross end APP

3, Easy code maintenance , Fast version update

4, Good user experience , High user retention

5, Support the use of native functions , Better performance than web app

shortcoming :

1, Version update , If it's a primary problem , Need to go back to the market

2, Limited use of native functions , Performance is not as good as native