We've been in contact java All the partners in need know java Is a powerful and complex programming language , Now in the Internet industry ,java The shadow of the can be seen everywhere , Maybe the new friends will be java The huge system diagram of language is frightening , However, knowledge is a process of accumulation after all , Next, for novices , See which are java What programmers must learn .

1:html,html− Hypertext markup language , This is used to generate the web page seen by the user on the browser , You need to have a deep understanding of him , The latest is html5 Yes .

2:css, It is html Style sheet for , A style used to display web pages in a browser , They control the font on the browser , colour , size , Width and height , You can also make the browser effect dynamic .

3:javaScript, He and java There is a part of accounting that is similar in grammar , But they are relatively independent languages , It allows some simple business processes to be calculated in the browser and submitted to the background , You can also change the browser css, Make web pages more powerful .

4:java, As a java programmer ,java Basic grammar of , and java Some of the frameworks must be learned , such as java of servlet, Although many frameworks have replaced servlet, But it is what we need to know most java
api,struts and spring
Mvc All in web.xml Used servlet, also java Multithreading , Although many people don't know much about multithreading , Various thread locks are rarely used , But threads are java The most important part .

5:spring, He is building web The application is a perfect tool set , At present, almost all javaweb The project is inseparable from it ,spring of ioc Container and dependency injection , It will be easier to manage than other frameworks , His spring
Mvc Can be directly replaced struts frame ,spring security It is also a powerful security tool ,spring Perfect integration of other major frameworks .

6:struts, stay springmvc Before it came out ,struts Is an essential alternative servlet Framework of , utilize struts We can achieve and servlet Same function , Configuration is simpler and clearer , Different filters can be configured under different requests .

7:orm frame , Divided into jdbc,hibernate,mybatis, These three are the three most used at present orm Frame , As a java
web project , Database is essential ,jdbc Framework is a must for novices , Also hibernate Framework and mybatis The underlying implementation of the framework , But just use jdbc The framework is still cumbersome ,hibernate and mybatis Perfectly encapsulated jdbc,hibernate The framework is more powerful , Original sound sql query ,hql query ,hibernate Encapsulated sample query ,criteria query , Learning is more difficult than mybatis A little bigger ,mybatis Need to have good sql Basics , by comparison , although hibernate More comprehensive functions , But in single table query , The insertion speed will be faster than mybatis A little slower .

8:redis, At present, as an open source memory database , He's better than mysql This kind of disk database is faster , It supports multiple types of data structures , Such as string (String), hash (Hash), list (List), aggregate (Set), Ordered set (Sorted
Set Or ZSet), It does not need a sub table , The stored contents are key value pairs , Because it's an in memory database , Not involved io, So it runs very fast , Usually used as a cluster , Or message queuing .

9:sringBoot, When building small websites ,java There is no advantage php powerful ,java Building projects is cumbersome
,springmvc Project construction requires a lot of configuration xml file ,xml The configuration of undoubtedly increases the workload of programmers ,springBoot Omit all these links , And built-in server , Yes, No tomcat To start directly , Built in web.xml Can be directly in properties Just configure it , Build the project very quickly , It is the mainstream framework at present .

10:bootstrap, He is a front-end frame , utilize bootstrap It can let the background programmers with mediocre front-end technology quickly build the background or official website pages , All functions required to continue can be found in bootstrap I can find it in the library , A powerful front-end tool .

11:linux The server , At present, the mainstream server is not windows system ,Linux Server ratio windows More open source , Occupied memory cpu Will also be better than Windows Smaller , however Linux There is no visual interface , Does it work windows So simple , however shell Scripts provide a lot of convenience , You can do almost anything you want .

Do you think there are any other better tools to share with you ~