The assembly of 3D design software can contain a series of parts and subassemblies , And from others CAD Imported into the system and failed to pass HaoChen 3D
Modeling has been transformed into HaoChen 3D Part of software part file , The simple understanding is to understand the difference 3D Compatibility of part models , It can be used directly . Next, I'll give you a detailed introduction of HaoChen 3D The operation steps of putting parts and subassemblies into assembly accurately with assembly relation in software !

How to place parts and subassemblies into an assembly :
1, First create a new assembly document using an assembly template . Assembly document adopts .asm File extension . Through HaoChen 3D The software directly establishes the standard assembly template .

2, Place the first part in the assembly , You can do this by dragging it from the parts library into the assembly workspace , This will fix the first part . If the part library is not visible , You can click the insert part command ( homepage → assembling → Insert part ) To open it .

3, Place a second part in an assembly by dragging the part from the part library to the assembly workspace . This automatically opens the assembly command and displays the assembly command bar :

4, Use the assembly relationship option on the assembly command bar , Select and apply the relationships needed to position the part . Using the fit command , Plane alignment command , Axis alignment command , Or any other assembly relationship available .

5, Do any of the following to continue building the assembly : Place bolts or nuts in holes in protrusions , Please insert parts in the assembly .
Using the path finder in an assembly can :
(1) see , Modify and delete assembly relationships used to locate parts and subassemblies ;
(2) Reorder parts in assembly ;
(3) Diagnose assembly problems ;
(4) Hide using display configuration , Unloading and deactivation of assembly parts .

6, Generate report and explosion view

choice “ tool ” tab →“ assistant ” group →“ report ” Command to open the report dialog box , This dialog box is used to call in and display a list of parts and subassemblies contained in an assembly . use “ tool ” tab →“ Environmental Science ” group →“ERA” The auto explosion command can generate the exploded view of the assembly .

Assembly is an important component of 3D design software , In the actual design process is also very frequent , Gstarcad 3D The software provides bottom-up and top-down assembly modeling methods , The assembly function is comprehensive and practical . Interested partners can visit CAD Download Center free installation and trial of genuine HaoChen 3D and CAD Series software .