Outer chain path design with parameters  

dingtalk://dingtalkclient/action/open_micro_app?miniAppId=2021001164608&version=1425441&source=DEBUG&agentId=791584402&pVersion=1&packageType=1&corpId=ding0c2f3137fb0278f&page=pages/Interchange/Interchange +

* dingtalk://dingtalkclient/action/open_micro_app?  This part is the fixed template that jumps to the nail
miniAppId=2021001164608&version=1425441&source=DEBUG&agentId=791584402&pVersion=1&packageType=1&corpId=ding0c2f3137fb0278f&  This part of the nail applet related company department information and compilation version
* page=pages/Interchange/Interchang  This section is where you want to jump to the nailing applet
* ?type=1&qrCode=1111  This part is your input , Need to enurlcode Encrypt ( Back end encryption processing returns )
The nailing applet page accepts external chain parameters

* In the page onload The lifecycle function has a formal parameter by default options Used to accept the input parameters of external chain jump
* The format of the data we received is as follows : {XX:xxx, YY: yy}
* give an example : Nail scanning code login , Scan the code at the front desk ( The content of scanning code is the path address of nailing applet , Including input parameters ) after , Jump to the transfer page of nailing applet to log in ,
Let's make an appointment with the back end type type ,type by 1  Password free login ( obtain authcode, use authcode call Ding Sign in );type by 2, Scan code for login , Add QR code code(qrcode) and authcode( Nail authorization code ) Authorized login as a parameter .