<> Automated classification

According to the purpose , Automated use cases are mainly used for smoking and regression testing . Smoke testing is often used in unit testing , It is necessary to deeply analyze the interface documents , Design interface use case , Then it is transformed into automation interface use case . Regression testing is a test that does not modify the function , Reduce the time cost of testing , It is suitable for functions that will be modified slightly .

From the way of implementation , Roughly separable UI Automation and interface automation .UI Automation available QTP Tools and selenium realization , Interface automation jmeter and loadrunner Tool implementation , You can also do performance automation , Stress testing .
<> The boss has to write automated scripts
The current products are web application , The front end mainly writes the page and most of the business logic , The back end mainly controls the business process , Group to 3 Front end 1 A back-end for matching .
The disadvantages of this product are obvious , Because the front-end JavaScript Script impact , When a large amount of data is generated, the system will be stuck , At the same time, there are many loopholes in the back-end business logic control , That is, the interface test has not been considered at all .

The general direction of product iteration is new function and function optimization , The iteration will take place in UI It's a big change on the Internet , So if you use UI Automated writing of use cases , It means a lot of time to maintain the code . But if interface automation is used , It doesn't make much sense , So it's a tough choice between the two .
<> Only children can choose , Adults want them all
For features that are rarely changed , to write UI automation , For frequently changed functions , Writing interface automation , It's the best solution that current products can think of .
with unittest+selenium+requests This is the general framework , Mixed use of the two ,nice, I'm such a smart guy .
application DDT Do mass data driven , Report on thousands of use cases , Let the leader see, in the heart satisfied not .( You have to understand , It's time to go , Otherwise, the money will be deducted )