Worked in the field of digital communication network for decades , Along the way , There are countless pits , Fortunately, I have climbed out smoothly . I'd like to share with you my growing experience , from 07 Year of study CCNA start , So far, it is under study SRv6,FlexE And other new technologies , Break through yourself N The key way to solve the bottleneck of technological capability is
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Now it depends on the memory which is not so good , Sort out the list of books you have read over the years , They are all classic works in the industry . The title of the book is in no time sequence , Book covers are also attached , It's convenient for friends with dyschooia , I also wish you all success in your studies as soon as possible .

in addition , At present, the individual has embarked on learning 5G The way of life , I'll bring it later 5G Books on learning , Looking forward to learning with you , Grow together .

《TCP/IP Detailed explanation   Volume I 》

《TCP/IP Detailed explanation   Volume two 》

《 Course of Cisco Network Technology College 》

《CCNA Study Guide :Cisco Interconnection of network equipment 》

《CCNP BSCI Certification examination guide 》

《CCNP BCMSN Certification examination guide 》

《CCNP ONT Certification examination guide 》

《CCNP ISCW Certification examination guide 》

《CCIE Experiment guide 》

《CCIE Routing and switching authentication test guide 》

《OSPF Network design solution 》

《IP Analysis of routing protocol 》

《Cisco OSPF Command and configuration manual 》

《IS-IS Network design solution 》

《OSPF and IS-IS Detailed explanation 》

《BGP Design and Implementation 》

《MPLS and VPN Architecture 》

《 The second floor VPN Architecture 》

《 end to end QoS Network design 》

《Cisco IPv6 Network implementation technology 》

《IP Design and deployment of multicast network 》

《IP Multicast 》

《 be based on MPLS Traffic engineering in China 》


《Cisco IOS XR Technical essentials 》

《 Authoritative guide to Data Center Virtualization Technology 》

《 Cloud computing and data center automation 》

《NX-OS And Cisco Nexus Switching technology 》

《Segment Routing Detailed explanation   Volume I 》

《Segment Routing Detailed explanation   Volume II 》

《SRv6 Network programming : open IP New era of network 》

《 Network architecture and technology of cloud data center 》