<> Spring sleeps without dawn , The birds are singing here

I have been learning programming for more than half a year . Think of just entered the University before the professional choice of me , Now it's planning for the future , Heart has been slowly outline , We have expectations , What a surprise .

I am a freshman , I finished the first semester of my freshman year C language . That's learning C The way of language , Find out for yourself , I gradually fell in love with programming . If I was before I entered the University , For the understanding of the computer is only stay in the surface of the software application , And now I am , But I think , The days to come , I want to run to find out , To understand , To understand the profound world of computer .

Unfortunately, the road of study is not smooth sailing , And here I just want to feel a few words about the great impact of personal inertia on learning . Thinking of learning C On my way , Doubts always come into being , Starting from a doubt . But I didn't explore diligently , To solve these problems . There are also many good things that students share , I didn't make good use of it myself . Even now , In fact, many things can not get a good answer . It's like I like some girl , But she said I didn't understand her , So it's very difficult for us to further develop , Ha ha ha .

therefore , I'm going to take notes now , If you don't, just check and search . All kinds of resources , To improve yourself . I find , When you do something seriously , It's really comfortable . The quality of notes is getting better and better , More and more ideas . This must be the way of Daniel's growth , Ha ha ha .

This is my first blog as Xiaobai , I like this way . If you have or want any good learning methods , I am willing to share learning resources with you .

The company I want to enter in the future : tencent , byte , Ali , millet …

Let's come on together ?!!!