Ali will be on the double deck 11 A large electronic screen was set up on the day of the Spring Festival , Real time display of Taobao's achievements on this day .
For example, turnover , Number of visitors , Order volume , Order quantity , Volume and so on . Behind the big electronic screen , Is to use what we call real-time data processing technology .

Of course, real-time computing is not completely real-time , It must have a delay , It's just that the delay is very short .

What is real-time data processing ? My personal understanding of real-time data processing is :


This is a process line down , The speed of processing data is in second level or even millisecond level .

And at this stage , Real time processing is mainly to use Flink technology !

Ali , tencent , Baidu , Byte beat , sound of dripping water , Huawei and many other Internet companies have Flink As an important driving point of future technology . in the future 3 ~ 5 year ,Flink
It will develop into a mainstream data processing framework within the enterprise , To become a platform for developers to enter into large factories “ Stepping stone ”.

At present, one with 3~5 Years of experience Flink R & D Engineer , Its salary is generally in the market  30K about , If you are the core developer in the field of big data real-time computing of the company , Then the salary will be higher .


however , If you encounter this problem in the interview of a large factory 3 individual Flink problem , What would you say ?

Flink How to realize Exactly-once semantics ?

Flink The classification of time types and their implementation principles ?

Flink How to deal with data disorder and delay ?

obviously , It's just contact , No in-depth study , Practical application is absolutely impossible to answer .

study Flink Real time processing technology , The key lies in whether it can access the real data environment , Is there a ready-made learning framework and case . Architecture design in big data , Capacity planning , performance tuning
It should be considered in combination with specific business requirements , So it's hard to get this part of the experience , It can't be realized only by self-study .

Now? , I want to invite you to join us  #  Escort plan for big data development engineers #, The program will look for  200 A big data development engineer , Let your ability get comprehensive and systematic improvement in actual combat , Where is the monthly salary 5
To be reached in six months 30K+. of course , Real time processing is just one part of it , There are more big data technologies , such as Hadoop,Spark, Distributed cache Redis and Kafka
Message middleware and so on, you will learn about the system .

Speaking of that , We have to promote the big data training camp of laguo education , It's part of the escort plan , This course will be taught in  150 Within a three-day learning cycle , Take you to learn big data knowledge system in a centralized system , Hand in hand to take you from 0 reach
1 Complete construction PB Integrated processing of high level big data , Analysis platform , combination PB Enterprise big data combat project , Let you have it as soon as you finish learning  1-3 Big data ability in 2008 , It's easier to enter a big factory .


combination PB Actual combat of class a project Have it when you finish 3 Years of big data experience

1, Recruitment requirements for standard manufacturers , Take you to actual combat “ real-time processing ” technology

You'll know when you have more interviews , Large factories are using real-time processing technology , But many training institutions are offline projects , It's over , It is also difficult to meet the technical requirements of large factories .

The pull hook is different , Its project is completely consistent with the big factory model , such as “ Real time data warehouse ” project , from 0 reach  1   Step by step explain how to build a real-time data analysis system ,Grafana
Real time central control large screen display results , Take you to master the core technology of complete data processing under the scenario of e-commerce promotion .

in addition , There are also projects “ Big data screen ”,“ Portrait of talent users ”,“ Data Lake ”, And so on , To finish learning is to own  PB Practical project experience of class I big data , To meet the technical requirements of big data development for large factories .


2, Complete curriculum system 14 Stage takes you through big data development

Pull hook combination  70 ten thousand +
Enterprise employment demand , It has developed a complete growth path for junior big data engineers , Technical and project requirements for big data engineers of mainstream large factories , The system improves your big data framework capability , Help you from junior engineer to senior engineer .

Training camp includes  14  Stage content , Very comprehensive , contain Java SE,Java Web
Data visualization , Distributed cache Redis and Kafka Message middleware ,Flink,Elastic Stack
Log search , Mining and visualization solutions , It basically covers the whole process technology stack of big data processing , Covering Logistics , online retailers , Intelligent transportation
And other industries , Take you to master big data architecture thinking through the project , Go to any industry , Can start quickly .


Game Breakthrough Learning Guarantee learning effect

Recording and broadcasting + live broadcast + Answer questions at any time , learn , Practice with others

The training camp adopts the project-based learning mode , According to the progress of the course , Set up a learning node every week , Provide you with practical project training .

Recording and broadcasting + Regular live broadcast makes learning more convenient , The course can be watched on the mobile phone at any time , Only after passing the examination in each stage can the next stage be unlocked .

weekly 1 Live broadcast , Expert teacher to solve problems for you , Don't worry about learning efficiency .


Study with others , The actual combat has been changed , Some people answered , Look at the source code , Lagou's big data training camp will create a platform for you “ Technology Utopia ”, Help you in 5 At the same time of learning a good skill in six months , Push into big factory .

Take you to learn technology   I'll take you to the big factory

1, Hook endorsement Opportunities for excellent students

Big data leads to high salary , But most of the jobs are concentrated in large factories , It's hard to get an interview without resources . Pull hook with its own Internet recruitment resources , Help you push the big factory once a month , Your resume , And your study report during the training camp , Technical documents to be submitted to the employer together
leader in the hand , You are only one interview away from the big factory !

2, Sign employment contract , Extrapolation protocol

It is precisely because the course has the technical strength of hard core , The only way to sign employment contract with you / Pay rise agreement , This agreement guarantees that you can enter the factory after the course , Or a big increase in wages .


Only by continuous investment can we go further , Upgrading technology is the eternal King !

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