SpringBoot Because of simplification Spring
Difficulty in using framework , Greatly improved Java Efficiency of enterprise application development , It has become one of the important standards for enterprises to assess talents . But with the rapid development of the Internet industry , Enterprise business continues to deepen , Correspondingly, the
SpringBoot The technical requirements are higher and higher . Personal message from readers : If I say familiar SpringBoot What will the interviewer ask ?

Maybe many of his friends are like him , It is not clear that under the real production environment of the current enterprise SpringBoot
What are the specific requirements , How much do you need to master . to this end , Combined with the interview experience of these years and the job requirements of major factories , Let's draw a point

* Not only to be familiar with SpringBoot,MyBatis,Dubbo Open source framework , We should also understand their principles and mechanisms ;
* Have the ability of large-scale distributed system design and development ;
* It is best to have experience in developing or refactoring the framework itself .
It can be seen from the above , Enterprise's SpringBoot Both technology and experience are required , If you always stay in the simple use stage , It will be eliminated sooner or later ,SpringBoot
Promotion is imperative . But at present, online SpringBoot Information is abundant and miscellaneous , Learning without a system , In the end, it's just a futile one . For everyone to improve quickly and effectively , I've sorted this out here 《
SpringBoot The secret of technology integration 》 Respectively for the introduction to the actual combat and source code analysis !

<>SpringBoot Integration into practical skills

SpringBoot General contents of introduction to actual combat

<> One ,Spring Boot introduction

* Spring Boot brief introduction
* Microservices
* Environmental preparation
* Spring Boot HelloWorld
* Hello World explore
* use Spring Iitializer Quick creation Spring Boot project

Spring Boot introduction

<> Two , configuration file

* configuration file
* YAML grammar :
* Profile value injection
* Profile placeholder
* Profile
* Load configuration file
* External configuration load order
* Principle of automatic configuration

configuration file

<> Three , journal

* Log framework
* SLF4j use
* SpringBoot Log relationship
* Log usage :
* Switch log framework


<> Four ,Web development

* brief introduction
* SpringBoot Mapping rules for static resources :
* template engine
* SpringMVC Automatic configuration
* How to modify SpringBoot Default configuration for
* RestfulCRUD
* Error handling mechanism
* Configure embedded Servlet container
* Using external Servlet container

Web development

<> Five ,Docker

Docker Is an open source application container engine ; Is a lightweight container technology ;

Docker Supports compiling software into a mirror image ; Then in the image of a variety of software configuration , Publish the image , Other users can use the image directly ; This image in action is called a container , Container startup is very fast .

* brief introduction
* Core concepts
* install Docker
* Docker Common commands & operation


<> Six ,SpringBoot And data access

* integration Druid data source
* integration MyBatis
* integration SpringData JPA

SpringBoot And data access

<> Seven , Principle of startup configuration

* establish SpringApplication object
* function run method
* Event monitoring mechanism

Principle of startup configuration

<> Eight , custom starter

custom starter

<>SpringBoot Source code analysis of technical integration

General contents of source code analysis

General contents of source code analysis

One ,SpringBoot Basic review

* Convention is better than configuration
* Spring Boot concept
* SpringBoot Case realization
* Unit testing and hot deployment
* Global profile
* Injection of profile property values
* Custom configuration
* Random number setting and reference between parameters

Two ,SpringBoot In depth analysis of principle and source code

* Dependency management
* Automatic configuration ( Start process )
* custom Stater
* Executive principle

Three ,SpringBoot data access

* Spring Boot integration MyBatis
* Spring Boot integration JPA
* Spring Boot integration Redis

Four ,SpringBoot View technology

* Supported view technology
* Thymeleaf
* Thymeleaf grammar
* Complete the page display of data
* Configure internationalization page

Five ,SpringBoot Cache management

* Default cache management
* Construction of basic environment
* Default cache experience
* integration Redis Cache implementation
* Spring Boot Supported cache components
* Annotation based Redis Cache implementation
* be based on API Of Redis Cache implementation
* custom Redis Cache serialization mechanism
* custom RedisTemplate
* custom RedisCacheManager

<> summary

** remember : Where you are better than others , It's not how many years you've been there CRUD work , It's that you have more in-depth skills than others . Don't always stay in CRUD Surface work of , Understand and master the underlying principles and be familiar with source code implementation , And form their own abstract thinking ability , Flexible application , It's you who break through the bottleneck , An important direction to stand out !**
At the same time, I hope this Spring Boot Technical secrets can help you .lingqu This Spring Boot Technical secret , It only needs :

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