Smart city is an urban form supported by a new generation of technology , It's Internet based , cloud computing , Internet of things , Artificial intelligence and other new generation information technology , Comprehensive integration of urban operation and management resources , So as to realize the intelligent development of national economy and social life . The essence of smart city is to use the new generation of information technology to realize the intelligent management of the city , In order to promote the harmonious development of the city and optimize people's living environment . At present, the number of smart cities started or under construction in the world has reached 100  1000  Multiple , Europe , North America , Japan and South Korea are the leading regions of smart cities . In terms of the construction quantity of smart cities alone , China to  500  Three pilot cities are in the first place , And has formed the Yangtze River Delta , Pearl River Delta and other smart urban agglomerations . Overview of the development of major smart cities in the world , Improving the quality of life of citizens , Improving the efficiency of urban governance , Realize data opening and integration , Developing green economy , Improving network security is the main development goal of smart cities at home and abroad . 


* one , Smart city development in foreign countries  
1, U.S.A

   The United States is undoubtedly the pioneer of smart city development . Dibic is the first smart city in the United States , It is also the first smart city in the world , Pay special attention to intelligent construction . The local municipal government passed the IBM cooperation , Using the Internet of things technology to digitize and connect all the resources of the city , So as to intelligently respond to the needs of the public , And reduce the energy consumption and cost of the city .

  New York is the leader of smart city development in the United States . For New York , Smart city needs to be a city in the first place “ Strong and fair ” The city of , That is, through new technologies, all people can have fair access to urban facilities , Live equally in this big city .

  in addition , Smart city development in other parts of the United States has its own priorities . San Francisco is a leader in energy sustainability ; The Seattle government and Microsoft launched the “ High efficiency building project ”, Promote the development of Intelligent Building Technology ; San Jose government focuses on “ green vision ” strategy , Built in the city 立“ Sustainability Perspective ”, To help improve traffic , environment , Health and energy efficiency .

2, Europe

  London has been moving in the direction of intelligence . Take transportation for example , Local traffic lights are equipped with cameras , It is used to detect the number of pedestrians waiting to cross the road at the intersection , Intellectualization , Dynamically control the time of traffic lights , So as to ensure the safety of pedestrians and traffic . There are also driverless vehicles available for hire in London , And provide access , Smart parking spaces, etc , These are based on driverless technology , Internet of things , Big data technology innovation in today's era .

Amsterdam is one of the first cities in the world to build a smart city , At the same time, it is a model of smart city construction in Europe . From the port , Architecture , Public space and other aspects , Through energy saving and intelligent technology , Reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption .

  Sweden's smart city construction is most reflected in the transportation system . Swedish National Highway Authority and Stockholm city hall through the construction of Intelligent Transportation , It not only alleviates the urban traffic jam , It also reduces the problem of air pollution , Now its has become the label of Stockholm .

3, Asia

  Singapore from Smart Life , Intelligent public facilities , Intelligent environment , Intelligent safety disaster prevention , Smart transportation and other fields to promote the realization of smart country . By providing security , high speed , Economics , National communication infrastructure with strong expansibility , Collect data from sensors everywhere , Further analysis of user needs , Effective sharing mechanism of the collected data to the public , Provide better services for the needs of the public through data analysis .

  Smart city development in Japan , The fundamental starting point is to “ people oriented ”, By saving resources and improving efficiency , Achieve a healthy and convenient life . Japan, for example, has developed a cartoon ice cube , Use the change of its area to reflect the total household electricity consumption , Easy to understand ; Another example is to develop an intelligent operating system that can automatically power off when people leave the room , And the use of IC Magnetic body sensor control office air conditioning temperature adjustment system and so on .

* two , Development of smart cities in China
        Compared with other countries' cautious and pragmatic choice of smart city pilot , China's smart city is developing rapidly in scale , The number of pilots is even more than that of Europe . Is this good or bad for China's smart city construction ?

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the idea of building a powerful country in science and technology , Quality power , Aerospace Power , Network power , Transportation power , Digital China , The development goal of smart society . at present , Some cities in China have taken the lead in the construction of smart cities , Accumulated some practical experience , But compared with foreign countries , It's still in the exploratory stage . Because on the one hand , There is a certain blindness in the construction of smart city , There is a phenomenon of following suit construction ; on the other hand , There is also a single financing channel , The risk investment of real estate developers also accounts for a certain proportion . In the construction of smart city , Different departments , Information between different industries should be exchanged . however , Most cities , Most departments , The industry is fragmented , Unable to achieve information sharing . cause ‘ Information Island ’ It's hard to break the deadlock .

2018 year , McKinsey Institute for global research 50 This paper analyzes the deployment and development of intelligent applications in three smart cities . The Chinese cities involved in the survey include : Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen , Yinchuan and Hong Kong . These cities are at the regional leading level in the smart city assessment , Its intelligent application is highly accepted by the public , This provides a good development opportunity for its further realization of intelligent application scale . Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen ranks among the top three in terms of public acceptance . however , It is worth noting that , The public's satisfaction feedback on intelligent applications is general , This provides space for further optimizing the user experience of intelligent applications .

        Intelligent application is the product of smart city development , There are five trends in the future :

① Big data operation

        Using big data to analyze user behavior , Mining user interest , According to the analysis results, accurate service and marketing , And continue to optimize .

② Internet convergence thinking

   Internet thinking integration includes not only innovative thinking and fragmented thinking, but also intelligent hardware ,AR,VR Technology, etc , smart city APP These technical thinking can be integrated into the product , Can create a powerful product .

③ Information is king

  Relevant data display , Asia is the most active region of mobile Internet , Net utilization rate reached 18%. The age of information as king , The mobile Internet provides an excellent channel to connect people's information exchange , Collect, deliver and share , Make it an indispensable part of your life .

④ Mobile Internet into life

        Mobile Internet services are becoming more sophisticated , Humanization and convenience , smart city APP Optimizing system service can improve user experience satisfaction .

⑤ Digital and intelligent life become the mainstream

Digitalization and intellectualization have become the mainstream of the development of science and technology , No matter which industry tends to develop in this way . smart city APP City services and user use are connected , Facilitate data collection , Also conform to the development of the Internet .
It can be seen that in the future construction of smart city , Intelligent applications will become the main force , Among them, smart city APP It is an important force that cannot be underestimated .     

Zhongkong Yidong is committed to serving the government with the intention of smart city development , enterprise , Personal services , Provide application development and customization platform . After many years , Zhongkong Yidong has developed to 4.0 edition , Export smart city APP Hundreds of them , Increasingly fruitful results , Service object and user oriented are more and more widely used . Related fields include smart transportation , Smart environment , Digital government, etc , Have rich experience and technical strength in supporting smart city mobile application projects . Enabling mobile application development in various fields of smart city , Create mobile application development ecology together .

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Zhongkong Yidong believes that in the process of building a smart city in China , Should adopt “ government + internet ” pattern . It mainly involves the division of labor between the two subjects , Coordination and cooperation , At the beginning of smart city construction , The government invested the necessary funds , Smart city APP And the construction of the backstage , At the same time, formulate relevant policies and laws and regulations , Ensure a good overall environment for construction and operation . Operators will fully participate when the smart city is initially built , Make use of the existing advantages to carry out the later construction, operation and maintenance with the support of the government .


   Strategic cooperation operation mainly refers to the operation and maintenance of most business outsourcing by professional institutions , Such as information , live broadcast , Life service , shopping , Consumer entertainment , interaction , Safety maintenance , Training, etc . The government is responsible for government affairs and other core operations , It ensures that the core part of the website is controlled by the government , And the government itself is not good at business by a third-party professional operators to operate , And they work together , learn from others ' strong points and close the gap .

        The advantages of this business model :

① The government has saved operation investment , Reducing pressure on government staff ;

② Most of the operation work is in the charge of operators , The government only provides support , It's less risky for the government ;

③ Operators achieve the balance between government regulation and operation through flexible allocation of investment and income mode , It can ensure the service needs , It can also realize the profit of the project ;

④ The operator is the controller of the whole project , So we will actively participate in the project process , Strive to increase the number of customers , Increase loyalty ;

        shortcoming :

① The government invested a lot in the early stage of project construction ;

② Operators need to carefully consider cooperative enterprises and coordination process , Ensure that the business risk is minimized .

Smart city construction is an international innovation development , Industrial upgrading , Stimulating domestic demand , Promoting new urbanization , An important strategy for building a moderately prosperous society in an all round way . smart city APP It is a very important step to build a smart city , It will promote the further construction of smart city . smart city APP Can greatly stimulate e-government , The development of e-commerce , Further stimulating domestic demand and production , It is of great significance for stimulating domestic demand , It is an inevitable factor to accelerate the formation of the development pattern with the domestic circulation as the main body . There are policies in the country , capital , The government asked , An environment in which people have demands , Under the background , smart city APP It is an innovative development , Take the lead , A good opportunity for industrial structure transformation .