one side (40 minute )


* The comparative basis of one side question
* project
* Java Object What are the classes of methods , Separate action
* HashMap principle , Thread safety ?
* Java How to synchronize threads
* JVM garbage collection
* Mysq| Index principle
* How to optimize the cable bow | query
* TCP , congestion control
* algorithm : Find the bottom left node of the tree ( I said level traversal , He said yes )
* intelligence : Use coins with unequal probabilities , be able to raise a certain amount of money etc. 50%
Dihedral (60 minute )

* project
* The two-sided feeling is mainly about code ability , basic - Straight in code
* What design patterns do you know , Respectively
* Handwritten list example -> Thread safe -> How else can I write it
* algorithm : Find the first in the unordered array k Big numbers ( quick select )
* algorithm : Find the minimum value of rotation array ( Dichotomy )
* algorithm : Judge whether the binary tree is mirror image ( recursion )
Three sides (40 minute )

* The questions asked by the three sides are relatively open
* How do you understand back end development
* What kind of back-end development experience do you have , What did you do
* introduce HashMap , And TreeMap difference
* use HashMap Implement a cache with expiration function , How
* If multiple threads are required , How to ensure thread safety
* If you put all the data in the Map , How much memory does it take
* How to learn new knowledge
* What books have you read recently
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1, Interview questions and analysis


2, Interview summary and interview scene


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