In addition to enabling rounded edge design , The coming Windows 10 21H2
The feature update will also bring other visual improvements . In the latest Preview , Microsoft has launched a new animation to replace the classic “zoom” Zoom animation . The new animation occurs when you close and open the application window , If running , command prompt , Resource manager, etc .

   stay Feedback Hub New posts in , Microsoft has confirmed that 21H2 Function update will be based on Fluent Design
System, Introduce more animation . Microsoft said :“[ about Fluent animation ] Feedback has been submitted to the team . And as a start , We are facing Dev Published by channel users Windows
10 The app open animation has been upgraded in the preview ”.

   Microsoft said it was seeking feedback from more testers , And said “ More changes are on the way ”. Microsoft's Jennifer Gentlement stay Feedback Hub
It says :“ If you want to see a new animation somewhere , Please let us know ”.

  Windows 10 The system animation was last updated in 2015 year , The new animation is a supplement to the system , Optimize the overall user experience . By using the same Fluent
Design animation , Microsoft should be able to make the operating system more complete , And consumers do like it .

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