There are many ways to develop cross platform applications , One of Microsoft's main frameworks is React Native. in fact , Microsoft is also right React Native for Windows
(React Native UWP) The framework derivative is maintained , Specifically for Windows 10 The special requirements of the system are optimized , The operation performance is improved .

   For example, brand new  Xbox  Application is use React Native Written by , Compared with the old version Electron comparison , Its performance has been greatly improved . Now? , Microsoft is already in
Microsoft Store Published React Native Gallery application .

  React Native Gallery It's a React Native Windows  application , It serves as a support Windows Of React
Native Component sample , And let developers understand the framework in depth . The app is similar in principle to the one Microsoft released in stores a few weeks ago WinUI 3 Controls Gallery The application is very similar .

   Developers can visit  GitHub Learn more about using React Native Windows Development information .React Native Gallery
The source code has also appeared in  Github  Yes .

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