7-37 Output integers and digits (15 branch )
This problem requires programming , An integer for the input , Start from the high bit, divide it bit by bit and output its digits .

Input format :
The input gives a nonnegative integer in a long integer range on one line .

Output format :
Output the digits of the integer bit by bit from the high bit , There is a space after each number .

sample input :


sample output :

1 2 3 4 5 6

The general idea is to get the number of digits first , And then split it from the top , Each number is followed by a space . In particular, for boundary data, such as 0 Verification of these numbers .
#include <stdio.h> int main() { int x; scanf("%d",&x); int t=x;
//x I need it in the back , Store it for the time being int mask; if (t==0) mask=0;else mask=1; //0 We need to make a special judgment when we're in trouble while (t>9){
// The whole paragraph is in figures t /=10; mask *=10; } if (x==0) printf("%d ",0); while (mask!=0) {
// Core process , Everything is ready , be careful while condition t= x/mask; x %=mask; mask /=10; printf("%d ",t); } return
0; }