3 month 15
day , A senior Indian government official said , The country is planning laws to ban cryptocurrency , Punish anyone who trades or even holds such digital assets in the country , That could hit millions of Indian investors pouring into the hot spot .

   The official said , The new legislation is one of the world's most stringent laws against cryptocurrency , Will have , issue , exploitation , Trading and transferring cryptocurrency is a criminal offence . This is in line with the Indian government 1
An agenda for the month , The agenda calls for a ban on private virtual currencies such as bitcoin , At the same time, it establishes a framework for issuing official digital currency .

   But to placate cryptocurrency investors , Even if the bill passes , It will also give everyone up to six months to liquidate , After that, the offenders will be punished . Indian Prime Minister Narendra · Modi (Narendra
Modi) The leading government has a majority in Parliament , For this reason, the bill is likely to be passed .

   If the ban becomes law , India will become the first major economy in the world to criminalize possession of cryptocurrency . Many Indian officials call cryptocurrency “ Ponzi scheme ”, The Reserve Bank of India is also concerned that cryptocurrency poses a risk to financial stability .

   however , Although the Indian government has threatened to ban it , But cryptocurrency transactions are still surging . According to industry estimates , India 800 Million investors now hold value 1000 100 million rupees ( approximately amount to 14
USD100mn ) New cryptocurrency .

  2019 year , A government assessment panel in India suggests , For mining , issue , hold , sell , The person who transfers or trades cryptocurrency gets the highest penalty 10
Five years' imprisonment . However, the officials declined to say whether the new law includes imprisonment and fines , Also declined to provide more details , But he said the discussion was in the final stage .( Little )