For Microsoft , Give up the classic Edge The browser has already determined things , And will be 5 The moon is coming Windows 10 21H1 Feature update will say goodbye to it completely .

   it is reported , stay Windows 10 20H2 Function update in progress , be based on Chromium New version of Edge Has become the default browser , However, the system still retains the classic version Edge.

   That is to say, the current situation Windows 10 Three official browsers are pre installed in the system , They are Chromium Edge( default ), Classic version Microsoft Edge
( hide ) and Internet Explorer( Optional / Disable ). Classic version Edge Already on 3 month 9 Support stopped on May 21 , and 2021 year 4
Monthly cumulative updates will be removed from the system .

   stay 3 month 6 In the supporting documents updated daily , Microsoft quietly confirms Windows 10 21H1 It's going to be the first without a classic Edge
Function update of , This means that the browser has been completely removed . After function update , You will no longer be able to find browsers in the operating system , You cannot run both versions of Microsoft Edge.

   stay 4 Cumulative update in month , include Version 1809/1903/1909/2004 as well as 20H2 Feature updates will remove the classic version Edge. In the old Microsoft
Edge in , Microsoft has started to alert users , They should “ Download the new version of Microsoft today Edge”.

   Microsoft also plans to speed up the phase out by cutting more features Internet Explorer browser . According to the road map ,Microsoft 365 Services and online applications will no longer be supported
Internet Explorer 11.

   In fact, Microsoft has said before , from 2021 year 8 month 17 From May , Microsoft 365 Applications and services will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11.

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