Through learning the quotations of Miss MI, we know that we still have a lot to learn , In the future, we also need to understand and learn through practice .

Mr. Mi's quotations :

1. Change will never change

2. Don't be afraid of not knowing

3. Difficulties are the ladder of progress

4. See more help , Avoid detours

5. There's nothing you can't find , Only you can't think of

6. Standing on the shoulders of giants , More labor saving

7. It's my duty to attack you

8. Education is an art , It is also a responsibility

9. The improvement class is where you are allowed to make mistakes

10. Shameless revolutionary spirit

11. There are no bad students , Only teachers who can't teach

12. How big is the idea , How big is the stage

13. The driving force of discovery comes from not making do with it ; Carelessness is the driving force of discovery

14. I can never remember

15. It doesn't exist at all

16. Thinking up , Move down

17. Some things just know is not enough , And learn to use it

18. If there are conditions, I will go to the University , There are no conditions , To create conditions, we need to go up

19. Be good at forcing others

20. One day is not terrible , Many days add up to terrible things

21. Is the text posted on the blog your own ?

22. It's not the weight that's added , It's the motivation

23. You don't understand it because you don't understand it , You don't understand it because you know it too well

24. Problems that no one is aware of , You realize that , And solved it , You're different

25. If conditions permit , It is realized through practice

26. The greater the contribution to society , The more money you make , How much money do you earn in return

27. I can't make you remember , But I have a way to make you remember

28. The present slowness is for the future quickness ; If it doesn't, it's already a blockbuster

29. Write down what you don't understand , Solve current problems

30. Only by turning what you have learned into your fuel can you go further , Not your overload --- Automobile theory

This is only part of it , It will continue to update in the future .

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