Recently, I asked about some private messages from visitors
“ Our children this year 4 I'm old , Is there a proper programming class ?”,“ Is there a programming learning route for children ?”…… And so on . So out of this article to sort out the children's programming learning route .

Primary stage (4-6 A year old child )

At this age, children's cognitive ability is not perfect , It's hard to understand what programming is . So at this time , It mainly focuses on the cultivation of thinking , Can take children to play some appropriate training programming thinking games , as Codespark and Osmo
Coding. Let children get real access to program instructions , Help him understand what a computer program is , Develop programming logic gradually .

Intermediate stage (7-10 A year old child )
At this stage, children have a certain ability of thinking and cognition , We can start from the most basic Mind+ perhaps
Scratch Graphical programming begins to learn , If kids are interested in LEGO robots , From simple LEGO Wedo Programming begins to learn, and then comes to the more difficult EV3 Robot programming . These programming interfaces are simple , Interesting operation , There's not a lot of boring code , Children use drag and drop blocks to run the program .

Advanced stage (10 Over the age of )

Kids at this stage already have some programming basics , And also have a certain English ability , You can start learning the programming language step by step ,Python,C/C++ It's a good choice . Suggest learning first Python, because Python Language strive for code simplicity , graceful , Is an easy to learn programming language , It focuses on how to solve problems rather than the syntax and structure of programming languages . Yes Python Language transition , Follow up learning C/C++ And other languages will be more successful .

besides , Children with good programming skills can also participate in various information science competitions , For the future into the ideal school to lay a good foundation .

The above is the children's programming learning path for you , No matter what stage of learning , Should be to stimulate children's interest , Let students take the initiative to explore and learn .

last , Remind me , Programming study should pay attention to arrange the time , Don't let children stare at the computer for a long time , Or it will damage your eyesight .

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