html5 part :
html5 What are the new attributes ? How to understand semantic tags ? What do you think of modular front end ? How to treat the separation of front end and rear end ? Browser compatibility issues ? You know the in line elements , What are the block level elements ?
id And class What's the difference? ??
css part :
Why initialize css style ? link and @import The difference between ? css Style priority for ? Box model ? How to clear float ? How to center elements horizontally and vertically ?
With pure CSS What is the principle of creating a triangle ?
<> Common layout :

Floating layout :float:left/right

Positioning layout :
position:static: Static layout
absolute: Absolute positioning
relative: Relative positioning
fixed: Fixed positioning
sticky: Viscous positioning

Expansion box layout :

Reasons for use : When using float When block level elements are displayed on one line , Browser scaling , Upset , as a result of , Browser zoom , The content of the element shrinks , The borders and margins do not shrink , The whole goes beyond the parent element , Make the layout disordered .
* grid layout :
quote bootstrap The required components are OK
js part :

js What are the data types of ?

Deep replication , Shallow replication ?

var,let,const The difference between ??

character string , Common methods of array ??

Array de duplication (splice,set,indexOf)??

What are the ways of inheritance ( Prototype chain inheritance , Constructor inheritance , Combinatorial inheritance )

Cross source problem

What are the main ways of front end storage , What's the difference? (sessionStorage,localStorage,cookie)

Timeout call (setTimeout) And intermittent calls (setInterval) What's the difference? ?

call and apply What's the difference? ?

closure ?

Event agent ?


Vue part :

* vue Declaration cycle for
* Why use it vue??
* vue How to achieve bidirectional data binding ( Data driven framework , be based on mvvm pattern )
* Talk about your understanding of state machines vuex Understanding of
* Describe vue-router How does it work ?
* How do components communicate ( Between parent and child components , Between brother components )
* computed and watch The difference between ? What kind of scene ?
* How do you understand slot (slot) Of ?
* Custom instruction (directive)?
* Routing mode (hash and history The difference between )?
* axios And jquery The difference between ?
* less Precompiled language and css The difference between ? Why use it less
* v-if And v-show What's the difference? ?
* key?
* State machine vuex?
es6 part :

* Promise
* es6 What are the new features ?
* The difference between arrow function and ordinary function ?
* Solving asynchronous problems ( Encapsulation function ,generator function , Asynchronous function async)
html5 Api and jquery part :

* canvas canvas
The interviewer asked : Is there anything you want to ask me ?
1. Is our company an outsourcing company ? 2. What are the requirements for promotion ? 3. What technology stack does our company use ? 4. If you are lucky enough to enter our company , What else do I need to prepare ?

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