Niushop Open source mall system , I believe that all the niuyou that have been used will encounter such problems : Get it Niushop Open source mall single merchant V4 The system is up , But you want to configure the pagoda yourself , Or understand that there will always be various problems in the process of learning pagoda configuration , today ,Niushop Single merchant V4 Here comes the pagoda configuration and deployment tutorial !

<>Niushop Open source mall single merchant V4 System pagoda deployment steps

1. Visit pagoda website , On the website – Add site

2. Upload file to root directory

3. Select the source code downloaded from the official website to upload

4. After uploading to the root directory, unzip it

5. inspect php Version and php fileinfo Is the extension installed

6. Visit set up projects . Install with domain name access

7. Configure pseudo static after installation

Nginx Environment configuration pseudo static
location / {
if (!-e KaTeX parse error: Expected '}', got 'EOF' at end of input: … {
rewrite ^(.) /index.php?s=$1 last;

to configure h5 visit (Nginx Environmental Science )
location /h5{
if (!-e $request_filename) {
rewrite ^/(.) /h5/index.html last;

8. After configuration, you can access it

Follow the steps ,Niushop Open source mall system single merchant V4 Pagoda deployment can be basically done ! There are really no cattle friends , Please consult our after-sales service center !

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