U The disk is inserted in the printing shop around the school , It's very vulnerable exe The impact of the virus , bring U The folder on the disk becomes exe, If there is no anti-virus software in the computer or it is closed , It's easy to get into the computer This
computer is being attacked virus , Personal experience .


This computer is being attacked Symptoms of the virus :

1, The computer jumps out every few seconds “This Computer is being attacked” Blue box , Turn twice and disappear .

2, Each occurrence is accompanied by a similar phenomenon “ Deng Deng Deng ” The sound of .

notes : The following symptoms include but are not necessarily present ( My computer poisoning did not appear the following symptoms ).

3, The computer is slowing down .

4, Open task Explorer , It was found that there was Globle.exe Virus program for , The end program will start again .


If you deal with the virus , It is recommended to deal with the problems in the computer first This computer is being attacked virus , Because if this virus is not cleaned up , Solve it first U Discal exe The virus repeats itself .

Dealing with the problems in the computer This computer is being attacked virus

1. Enter safe mode , use 360 Full scan of security guards , about 20-30 minute

2. Enter normal mode / Security guard with network connection , adopt 360 Scan the first aid kit , about 3 hour .

3. adopt QQ Computer housekeeper's virus overall inspection and killing , Probably 2 About two hours .

Finally, restart , The traces of the virus were swept away


handle U On the plate exe virus

1. New one txt, The content is
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE
\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden
\SHOWALL] "CheckedValue"=dword:00000001
2 Save the suffix of the modified file as .reg file .
3. Double click to open reg file .( Click to continue )
4. New second txt, The content is
for /f "delims=" %%i in ('dir /ah /s/b') do attrib "%%i" -s -h
Save as .bat file
5. take bat Copy file to U In the dish , Double click to run ,U The hidden files on the disk will appear , Then delete it exe