A lot of people , When it comes to work , Like to accept the work arrangement passively , This has something to do with the atmosphere of traditional enterprises or state-owned enterprises , Companies that rarely face rapid change , I really like top-down management , As long as the staff do their job according to the requirements , I don't care about anything else . And now BAT And other Internet companies , It's changing fast every day , Fast innovation every day , If we still use the traditional way of working , It is bound to face an embarrassing situation .


When I first got to Ali , I found out , It's not enough for me to do my job well , For example, I am responsible for the hardware driver code architecture , I plan my own architecture , Discover my tmall spirit , There's more upstream clouds , They haven't got into the work yet , If I work the old way , That is passively waiting for them ready, The result is that time is wasted , The whole project was not completed as planned , No results . Of course, I'm not the only one responsible , And everyone in the chain , But I am an entrepreneur after all , Passive waiting is not my style , therefore , I began to take the initiative to chat with tmall Genie and cloud server classmates , See if they have ready How to solve the problem . Generally speaking, there are some problems 2 Two questions ,1 It's Bluetooth mesh I don't know much about the technical details , I didn't do it , So I don't know how to put in the work .2 There are other higher priority projects on hand , There is no way to invest . according to 1, I plan to do my own hardware driver architecture , We also need to output the architecture of tmall Genie end and cloud end , There's also Bluetooth mesh Analysis report of , For other students to learn . of course , The tmall Genie and cloud architecture that I have done is certainly not as good as the corresponding students , But this document is at least the beginning , It also conveys some technical information , Later, I also consulted related students , Their point of view is that this document has literacy for them , At least I know the direction of the design work , Including Bluetooth mesh analysis report , Let them know Bluetooth quickly mesh technology , Greatly improve the efficiency .


So through this real work case , We need to understand , Only let all the work around themselves , Their own subjective initiative is the biggest . A lot of people will think , I do so much , The first is to make others think they've taken their jobs , Second, it's so hard , The leaders don't know , What are you doing with him . however , If you look at it from another angle , If you don't “ rob ” Other people's lives , They don't actively coordinate with others , So this project is close It's over , I didn't get anything , The return is equal to 0. But if you do the above “ surplus ” work , The benefits are at least greater than 0. So in terms of the investment income , It's a good deal . And in the process , The more you do , More technology , The more likely you are to get more potential opportunities .


A lot of new people , Sometimes I feel embarrassed “ put one 's finger into another 's pie ”, It's not necessary , The value of a person , It's definitely not just about personal value , If so , You have very limited room to rise . The value of a person , It must be reflected in how much work can be carried out around oneself , Like directors and actors , The director is never in front of the screen , But his value is to let all stars around their own plot , His value is enormous .


Let's start every work from the role of director . such as , Software engineers discover hardware bug It's over , We can take the initiative to solve it together , Project management found there was no time for testing , You can also help test , Hardware found software busy , You can also take the initiative to help , Or you have some good ideas , Need other students to cooperate , You can take the initiative to discuss your ideas , be used for BD someone else , If there is a lot of consensus , Maybe you're the next project owner.