Working in Alibaba , There are so many things to deal with , Whether you're a manager or an employee , You get tons of messages every day , It's going to be pulled into a bunch of nails , And there's a lot of conference calls , So if you don't have time & Event management tools , It's just brain memory , Then you will be inundated with this information very soon , And then after a while , There will definitely be a lot of complaints : For example, I forgot to do this thing ; Like that mission delay It's over . I remember 《 obtain 》 Luo Zhenyu said that ,“ An excellent employee , There should be a response to everything , Everything comes to a conclusion .” How to do that ? I just arrived at Ali and found this problem myself , The first week was a little uncomfortable , But I immediately thought of a lot GTD(Getting
Done) tool , Can be used to do tracking and management , There are to-do items every time , I'll record it immediately GTD In tools , It's convenient and fast . After a week of use , I'm fully used to the flow of information , Just record it immediately , There will be no omission . Once an expert said , A lot of people always yell that time is not enough , In fact, after investigation , Among them are 1-2 Hours are used to recall to-do items , If you pay attention to make good use of it GTD tool , This can be saved 1-2 hour , It's good for reading and charging .


Working in Ali , There are often many suppliers , Solution providers come to visit , A lot of them make an appointment with you a week in advance , At this time , If there's only one date a week , It's easy to remember , But if there is one in a week 3,4 Meetings , And some of them are in the morning , Some are arranged in the afternoon , The burden of brain memory is very heavy . And there are dates , Time overlaps , If there's no good record , Definitely crash . At this time , I recommend using the calendar that comes with your mobile phone to manage appointments , Because this calendar can remind you of your next appointment at any time . Through this calendar , I didn't miss any appointments , It also ensures that you don't waste other people's time , Also improve the efficiency of their schedule .


At work , You'll hear some good advice , Or reading , See some good ideas , Good celebrity Quotes , Good working method , Good way of thinking , I was very excited at that time , But for a long time , I can't recall it . Therefore, it is absolutely recommended that you collect the information electronically at this time . For example, I recorded the following famous sentences :

1,“ There is a fire in everyone's heart , People passing by can only see smoke . But there's always someone , There's always someone who can see the fire , Then come over , Stay with me . I have my passion , My indifference , My fury , My gentleness , And believe in love for no reason , I'm out of breath . I stammered to her :‘ What's your name? ?’ from ‘ What's your name? ’ start , later , With everything .”

2, Soldier , National events . The land of life and death , The way of survival , It is necessary to observe .

3, Seeking from potential , Don't blame others

Every spare time , You can taste these famous sentences , Feel like doing gymnastics for your brain , Also let your way of thinking exercise , Very effective .


Meeting with suppliers , Meeting with clients , There must be a lot of information to share , In the early days, it was in the head or in the book , Remember with your head , Easy to forget for a long time ; Write in a Book , Not easy to query . I suggest you use electronic recording tools to record , These tools can record the key content of the meeting based on the time sequence , And you can query and browse later , Very convenient .


In life , A lot of times , We'll have a flash in our head idea, If it wasn't recorded at that time , We'll forget in a few minutes , I'll remember this next time idea It's very hard , So my suggestion is to use your mobile phone to record the flash in your mind at any time , And check this out from time to time idea, Because sometimes I feel like I'm really strong , Maybe a week later , In fact, there is nothing to be excited about , That's in a week , Can we consider deleting this flash . Of course, there is also a situation , The more you look, the more interesting it is , Can we give this flash a higher priority , Talk to different people about this idea , Collision with new sparks by chatting more , Maybe you can get more sense of body .


Many colleagues asked me , Gu de , You have so many ideas every day , And work , learn English , read a book , How can the brain be enough , How can we have enough time ? I think so , It depends on the method , Instead of relying on man to conquer nature . such as , The schedule management I mentioned earlier , Event management and other small tools to help memory details , It can release the brain from the trivial details of memory , So when you clear your brain , The efficiency of the brain will be greatly improved .