Where did the testers find it bug after , It's about to be submitted bug It's over , To submit bug Time , The most important thing is to describe it well bug, A good one bug describe , Let developers , Locate the cause of the problem faster , It can be solved faster bug, and , If the description is vague , It's possible that developers are looking at this bug When I was young , It takes a long time to guess this bug What do you mean , It's even misunderstood bug The original intention of , This will greatly extend the period bug Time to solve .

common bug management system

ZenTao (zentao),bugzilla,jira,bugfree,easybug,QC


Describe the defect clearly and simply , Write effective defect examples , Help developers locate defects effectively , Recurrence error , So as to effectively locate the error , Correction error

 Bug Content included :

Version of problem found , Problem environment (Bug testing environment ),Bug title Short description , repro steps -- Detailed steps , Actual results , Expected results ,Bug Type and severity , enclosure

  notes : Don't put more than one bug Put them together .

BUG title Short description
— The title should be clear and concise , Write clearly BUG describe ; If no function module is selected , It is better to mark the function module in the title . Let's see BUG The person in charge knows what you mean .BUG Functional modules of +BUG Operation of +BUG Results

repro steps — Simply write down the findings BUG Test process of , Here's a list , concise , Each step should be as simple and clear as possible . Just explain the facts , demonstration , Necessary steps , Don't write irrelevant information , Can guide the development to reproduce this BUG.

Expected results ---- Remember to write your expectations clearly

Attach test data and actual results ----BUG Results , paste BUG screenshot , Log screenshot , Just paste the screenshot directly

enclosure : log file , test data ( file ) picture , Like uploading avatars , Put the picture in the file and upload it as an attachment , Development should reproduce this BUG, Then reproduce it according to the picture attached .

BUG Type and severity ----- It is convenient for subsequent test results analysis ,BUG Statistics of

Problem environment (BUG testing environment )--- for example : What system ; Which version . Compatibility issues , It's hard to reproduce the problem