At present, the operating system market has been basically by Microsoft windows, Google Android , Apple iOS The partition is over , It's too hard for a domestic new operating system to get a piece of the pie , Technology and foundation are not even as good as Huawei's Hongmeng , What is the significance of Hongmeng compatibility ?
Why is Hongmeng operating system compatible with Android . Android system compatibility , Good openness , Has gained global 10 More than 100 million installations . Transplanting Android application and ecology to Hongmeng can be used directly , It not only reduces the cost of Huawei's ecological reconstruction , And it reduces the cost of user change .

Compatibility with Android actually erodes the ecology of Android , Compatibility is robbing Android users , Cut off the future of Huawei , Huawei will lose its way . Hongmeng system started from scratch , A new ecosystem can't be built overnight ,“ find a sugar daddy ” Is the best means of transition , Ark compiler for Android APP Recompile , It's very important for this transition , Compatibility of Hongmeng operating system with Android is only the first step . The goal of Huawei's Hongmeng operating system is not to build another Android , It's about creating an ecosystem of interconnected things , Light from Hongmeng operating system across computers , Flat , mobile phone , TV and other intelligent devices , You can see how ambitious Huawei is , In the future, there is still room for imagination in the Internet of things .

The problem is not that Hongmeng is compatible with other systems , It's about the Hongmeng operating system , Cooperation between domestic manufacturers , Help Hongmeng ecological formation . Once the domestic ecological and technical barriers are formed , We can make ecological rules , For example, enter the ecology of Hongmeng , I'm going to use my system , This is the most ecological state in China .

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