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Ps 2021  edition  

Neural, Can be translated as “ nerve ”, So the name of the filter can be translated as “ Nerve filter group ”.

This filter is made up of Adobe Sensei Artificial intelligence filter library providing support , It must be connected to the Internet .

current ,Neural Filters The filter consists of three large parts :

1, Topic content  Featured: High standard and published filters .

2,Beta: Filter for testing , The results are not necessarily satisfactory .

3, Applied  Applied: Centralized display of enabled filters .

On initial use , Any filter that displays the cloud icon next to it needs to be downloaded from the cloud before it can be used .

At present, most of the functions are still under test , So in each module built-in satisfaction survey .

Tips : To compare the effect before and after , Please click the “ Toggle Preview ” Button .

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Skin smoothness

Skin Smoothing

Mainly used for portrait photo adjustment , Only for facial skin .

reset parameters Reset parameters

vague Blur: Blur face skin , Lighten skin blemishes or pockmarks .

Smoothness Smoothness: Smooth face light and shadow , Contrast reduction .

When choosing “ New Layer ” Output time , A layer is created based on the smoothed skin . You can then create a black mask for this layer , Then use a white brush to wipe out the area that needs to be skinned .

perhaps , Create white mask , Then use a black brush to wipe out areas that don't need smoothing , Like nostrils , Nose wing, etc .

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Style conversion

Style Transfer

It is mainly used to convert images into various painting styles .

style Style

Keep the color Preserve color: Keep the main colors of the original picture .

Focus subject Focus subject: The effect is mainly reflected in the main body of the picture .

Style strength Style strength: Controls the strength of the applied style .

Brush Size Brush size: Control brush size in styles .

Fuzzy background Blur backgound

“ A rich man with money , Good looking point in the next look ”